Create Space for Inspiration

“A very receptive state of mind… not unlike a sheet of film itself – seemingly inert, yet so sensitive that a fraction of a second’s exposure conceives a life in it.” – Minor White Clients often ask me, “Sara, what do you do to allow yourself space to be receptive …


This Shit’s Hard!


I’ve discovered that many of my clients have the impression that “being in the flow” means “everything is always easy.”  That if you’re in the flow, people and opportunities show up unexpectedly at just the right time, doors open and there is a magic quality to life. Yes!!  That happens. …

Exploring the Energy of “Pushing”


Can you identify the energy of “pushing”? It’s the feeling of trying to force something, trying to manipulate or simply overpower the situation to “make” something happen. And you may have noticed that it rarely works the way we want it to. We think that when we push, we’re doing …

[VIDEO] Claiming Your Power

Claiming Your Power

  How does the current social climate affect you as a business owner – and what can you do about it? Hint:  This is how you protect your #1 business asset.


It’s Not About Being Perfect – It’s About Being Flexible


I get so tired of receiving email marketing that reads something like, “Never worry again!” or “The one step you need to make 100k this year!” or “Be fearless and you’ll be set for life!” When I see messaging like that, I think, “Really?” Because I know the same thing …

The Nature of Addiction


We can be addicted to anything. Food, television, work, exercise, cigarettes, drugs and alcohol are some of the most discussed addictions, but habits like “judging other people” or “being too critical” also qualify as addiction. Do any of those feel familiar? Modern addictions such as constantly checking social media or …

We Give Extra Power to Things We Won’t Talk About


If you’ve ever read the Harry Potter series, you might recall that most characters are so terrified of the villain Voldemort that they won’t even utter his name. They’re too afraid of the potential ramifications to talk about him openly. Harry’s mentor, Dumbledore, refuses to let fear dictate his actions …

Why Can’t I Just Coach Myself?


In my work with clients, I specialize in helping them identify and clear out old thought patterns, habits and emotions that keep them stuck – I lovingly refer to this as “clearing the gunk.” The process I take them through removes the internal and energetic obstacles for them so they …

You’re Not the Only One with Money Worries


This fall, I am offering a new program specifically created to help people connect with their own inner power so that they can step into the value they offer the world and generate more income. I decided to offer the program because so many of us bear heavy burdens, old …