You’re Not the Only One with Money Worries



This fall, I am offering a new program specifically created to help people connect with their own inner power so that they can step into the value they offer the world and generate more income.

I decided to offer the program because so many of us bear heavy burdens, old stories that we’ve been taught about money. What it means to want it, what it means to work for it, and how much we are “allowed” to have in our lives. 

A sense of deadness can collect around our personal beliefs about money. A lack of vitality builds up, and negative emotions begin to take over our conversations around finances.

It is common to feel a sense of “stuckness,” which is why I invite you to look more closely at your relationship with giving and receiving, and create a new paradigm for yourself.

Beating Ourselves with the Money Stick

Fear, stagnation, a sense of lack, resentment. Those are all emotions that tend to come up around the topic of money. This could be in part because money is so easily measured, and therefore so easy to use as a comparison stick… a stick that we mostly use to beat ourselves with.

It’s so common to beat ourselves up over money. And this so depletes our energy and our vitality, because you cannot be vibrantly alive and beating yourself up at the same time. 

In our world right now, there are a lot of people berating themselves and others over issues of money. What candidate can help us have the most money? What candidate can protect us from the people who might try to take our money?

Collectively, we equate money with safety, personal value and meaning. And the ironic thing is that when we can extract it from all that… we get more of it! Beating ourselves up makes us feel lonely and isolated, not vibrant and healthy.

Working through Money Worries with a Group is 10x More Powerful

Think of a time when you were with your friends or loved ones and you felt really connected and happy. Those aren’t the times you’re beating yourself up. Most of the time when we’re beating ourselves up, it’s in the middle of the night as we sit at home by ourselves or in the midst of a group of people feeling utterly lonesome.

Tweet: Working within a group can spell wonderful breakthroughs for the participants. 

That’s one of the reasons I’m offering the Wealth School as a group program. It is so common to feel as though we are all alone in our money issues, but it just doesn’t need to be so.

Sometimes we privately think, “This is my problem. I have to solve it on my own, nobody else has this problem.” In a sense, we’re ostracizing ourselves. But I hear over and over in the group programs I run exclamations of, “Wow! I have that problem, too!” when people openly share their challenges.  (This can be done anonymously.)

Working within a group that deeply trusts and supports one another can spell wonderful breakthroughs for the participants. When you realize that many other people have the same version of your fear, it can take you out of an isolated, lonesome place and into the light of feeling supported and loved. And that is the place from which your vibrancy and ability to receive will arise. 

The combined group energy is stronger and greater than an individual’s energy would be. If you are moved to work through fears that may be holding you back, I would love to talk to you about whether you’re a fit for the program. Click HERE to learn more.



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