You know you’re here for a purpose and you want to make a living by giving your gifts to the world.

The truth is that you can be amazing at your work but still not be successful because you either can't get out of your own way or can't get yourself to do what's required to run a successful business.

Being in business doesn’t have to be excruciating and painful.  If you’re doing work you love, then the business part should joyful, too.

I’m Sara Arey and I free entrepreneurs from energetic and emotional blocks so that they can thrive and their businesses can soar.

You can know all the right things to do, all the marketing strategies and presence-building techniques available.  Let me tell you, though, if you’re stuck in fears and limiting beliefs, if you’re weighed down by gunk from the past, your business will be stuck and weighed down, too.

And all that time and money you invested in learning is sitting in unfinished to-do lists and unopened files on your computer.

How discouraging!

You see, all the stuff you’ve accumulated over a lifetime – the thoughts, limiting beliefs, fears – is like the sides of a funnel, only allowing a small amount of abundance and love to pass through.

The more stuff you have, the smaller the opening of the funnel becomes.

As you clear your stuff, your funnel opens wider and allows more love, abundance and connection to flow.

And the more you release your stuff, the more creativity, love and abundance flow from within you.  The more you are authentically YOU.

That flow back and forth is what creates a successful business and a fulfilling, joyful life.
My job is to guide and support you in this process.

I help you open your channel to Life so that you begin to experience more and more of what makes your heart sing.

My techniques are easy and effective. In fact, my clients are always surprised how effortless the work is.

And you don’t even have to talk about what’s happened in the past or dig for a core issue.  
Are you ready to explore how good your life can be?

"Before working with Sara, I was struggling to grow my business. I felt held back by something, but I couldn't name it. It turns out I really didn't have to. Our work together helped me to release so many huge blocks that were in the way of my success—blocks that would have taken years to chip away at if I hadn't worked with her. To get such relief so quickly felt like a miracle. To make big shifts in such short time was amazing. I now have the  ease and flow that I was missing in my business. Sara is an incredible healer who is sensitive and intuitive. I highly recommend working with her." Cathy Wilke Business Alchemist and Holistic Business Coach FreedomAndFulfillment.com 

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Sara is a master of a technique that literally can shift old patterns that have been long held in your brain and body. Now, she works with our clients in both Gold and Platinum Masterminds to help them release the "gunk" that's in the way, so they can continue Upleveling their marketing, sales and income. And we've been hearing back that it's truly working!  Our clients have been making leaps and bounds with Sara's support! Christine Kane Business Coach to creative entrepreneurs Uplevel YOU christinekane.com