Find the Right Mentor to Create Balance Between Structure and Inspiration



As business owners, it’s important to learn strategies and structures to create income and value for our clients. After all, we don’t want to be reinventing the wheel every time we launch a new product.

And working with a mentor is important as well – simply being in the energy and mindset of someone who has done something that you haven’t is beneficial in and of itself.

However, while there are strategies to put in place, you must be able to do it from your own clarity and strength. Because the truth is, 100% of what your mentor tells you isn’t going to work in your business – ultimately, only you know what’s best for your audience and what’s authentic for you.

Nothing is One Size Fits All

While there are plenty of great and effective strategies in the world to accomplish all kinds of objectives, there is simply not a one-size-fits-all for every business.

If there were, we’d only have one book on marketing, one on branding, one on lead generation… see where I’m going with this?

A good mentor knows this and isn’t going to tell you that there’s only one solution to get where you’d like to go. Instead, he or she will help you find your own clarity, your own message.

The best mentors will help you see what’s right for you.

In fact, if you’re working with a mentor who is rigid or who ridicules people for trying something new or who says that the only way to do it is their way, I encourage you to take a moment and reflect: is that rigidity serving you?

Often, we’re drawn to rigidity because we want assurance. We want guarantees and we want somebody else to do the thinking for us. It feels safer than following an intuitive idea that nobody else has done before. You might even catch yourself thinking, “Well, gosh, if it’s such a good idea, somebody else would have done it!”

Listen to Your Inner Guidance

The whispers of inspiration you feel subtly tugging you in a different direction than you expected are where the real magic can begin to occur in our businesses and lives. But we have to be able to trust ourselves and be willing to take that step first.

Check in with your gut. Is the inspiration really resonating for you? Or are you getting distracted by something shiny to avoid something else?

If it’s really resonating for you, go for it! Whether it’s something new for your business or a coach you’re drawn to work with.

The clients I’ve worked with and the people I’ve spoken to who take a resonant leap are glad they did. It worked out well, or it started them on a path that really opened up, even if the first step didn’t look successful.

Tweet: What your business needs more than anything is more of YOU!

You know, a lot of the big business gurus talk about how they kept failing until they took an action that seemed kind of crazy – but that they knew was right for them.

What your business needs more than anything is more of YOU! Your inspirations and intuitions are moving you in that direction. Your strategies will help you share them.

Are you being called in a direction you can’t quite explain? Or maybe it feels a little unconventional? I encourage you to listen to that calling – and if you’d like some help, let’s connect.

I love working with bold entrepreneurs who want to increase their impact and harness their inspirations.

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