Create Space for Inspiration

“A very receptive state of mind… not unlike a sheet of film itself – seemingly inert, yet so sensitive that a fraction of a second’s exposure conceives a life in it.”

– Minor White

Clients often ask me, “Sara, what do you do to allow yourself space to be receptive to ideas and inspirations?”

It’s a good question – because when we’re receptive, when we allow ourselves to truly open to the endless possibilities of Spirit, incredible things can come through us.

So when I want to create a space for receptivity, I use the exact energy tools that I use with my clients.

Say I’m getting ready to launch a new program and I have to create some sales copy. The first step is to allow all the crap to come up – all the thoughts like, “I have to get this right, I can’t do this, I don’t want to do this, people aren’t going to like this, people aren’t going to sign up…” etc.

Ever had a thought like that? Yeah, we all do.

I allow all that gunk to rise up to the surface. And then once all those things have come up, I play with possibilities. Want to try it with me?

Play with the Endless Possibilities

My favorite way to open myself to the endless possibilities of the Universe is to do it through expansive wondering. Once I’ve cleared the gunk (all the negative thoughts and feelings), I sit with statements like, “What if it’s possible that I really can do this. What if it’s possible that there are people I can serve by sharing what I know.

And then I breathe into the warm sensations that come up. Perhaps I’ll stretch my body, physically creating space. And then I’ll settle somewhere comfortable and get to work.

Sometimes I stay up late when it feels like all the rest of the world is asleep; that’s a nice space where I can write and create. Some people like to take their laptop outside under a tree – wherever you feel the energy and intention of playfulness is perfect.

Release Judgment and Dive into Playfulness

Playfulness is so important when it comes to the act of creation! When we’re not being playful, it’s so easy to become judgmental… and when we’re being judgmental, we’re being rigid. Even doing something playfully childlike, like spinning in a circle or skipping or dancing to a song you love will help you step into that playful energy.

Tweet: If Mother Nature can’t create something that everybody loves, what makes us think that we can?

The important thing is that when we’re judging, we’re looking at individual words and sentences, and when we’re allowing it to flow we’re looking at the big picture.

Judging is also trying to guess what somebody else might think of our work. It’s assuming that everybody is going to think the same thing… and it’s also assuming that all the judgments would be negative!

Think of it this way: when I’m creating, I remember some Crepe Myrtles I used to have in my front yard. I loved those trees because they were big and beautiful. But my neighbor hated them because they dropped flowers and leaves in his driveway.

There is simply no pleasing everybody. If Mother Nature can’t create something that everybody loves, what makes us think that we can?

Releasing the judgment and stepping into a playful space is a wonderful way to allow yourself to be receptive to inspiration. How do you step into a receptive space? Leave a comment in the area below to join the conversation.

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      Thank you, Marla. The incident with the trees happened years ago. The memory of that neighbor asking us to cut them down still stands out to me as a reminder of different points of view.

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