What’s Blocking Your Dreams?


The real question that Scarcity is asking you…(is) not “Do you have enough?” Rather, Scarcity is chasing us to ask: “What is really important to you? Are you using the limited energy of your life to create your dreams?” Maria Nemeth I love that quote.  First of all, it puts …

Why Affirmations Don’t Work


For decades, motivational experts, authors and many others have touted the benefits of affirmations.  They’ve been credited with helping people reach goals, become happier and increase their income.  As one affirmation says, “Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attract positive life experiences.” Just Google “affirmations” and you’ll find over 24 …

Key Issues Around the Money Mindset

Money Mindset

Some of us get so scared about the reality of our finances that we refuse to even look at them. The thing is, if we can’t be honest about the reality of our situation, then we can’t clearly understand our money mindset or commit to change. Last week, I introduced …

The “Shift Your Money Mindset” Program

Money Mindset

In my last post about money mindset, You Get Out What You Put In, I discussed how we can sometimes use money as an excuse not to commit. But what happens when we make the financial commitment and we still don’t do the work? This usually has something to do …


In Life and in Business, You Get Out What You Put In


As I’ve been putting together my upcoming group about money and money mindsets (stay tuned for more news about this!), one of the thoughts that keeps occurring to me is that, especially in business, you get out of something what you put into it. This isn’t just true when dealing …

Where Does Your Power Come From?

your power

People talk a lot about power – or the lack of it. “She’s a powerful person.” “I want to feel more powerful.” “I was just so stuck (meaning no power to change the situation).” Do you feel powerful? Is it possible to get more power? I’ve worked with so many …