Positivity Around Money Is Infectious, Too!




Infectious  [in-fek-shuh s]  –adjective

“communicable by infection, as from one person to another or from one part of the body to another; infectious diseases.”

As a society, we often associate the word “infectious” with diseases and negative things. But what about infectious health? What about infectious optimism?

The truth is that you can infect others in a positive way, too! It’s not only negativity that is communicable… you have the ability to light up a room with your radiant smile and open heart.

You also have the ability to shift the conversation and energy around money from one of shut down and lack to one of abundance and gratitude.

Surround Yourself with Positively Infectious People

It’s been said that we are a mixture of the five people with whom we spend the most time. In my own life, I have found this to be true: whether family or friends, the people I spend most time with truly impact how I feel, how I think and how I behave.

Who are your five people?

The wonderful thing about this is that when we choose to spend time with five optimistic, healthy, supportive and abundant people, we can’t help but be “infected” by their positivity.

And it’s not just who we choose to be with, but also, who are we choosing to be for our five people? How do you show up for those people?

We can choose to find ourselves in groups where people are consciously moving toward greater health, vibrancy, prosperity, deeper love and a sense of adventure. When we show up for others in that way, most often they will show up for us in that way, too.

Stay in the Conversation of Creating What You Want

So much happens in our day-to-day life that it can be easy to forget the bigger picture. In the midst of caring for loved ones, making sure that you have everything lined up for your next launch, and making time for your own health and well-being, it’s pretty common to lose sight of the larger vision.

We have to consciously choose things that help us see bigger. One thing I have done recently to keep myself engaged in the conversation is to join a leadership program. Being part of the program helps me continue to focus on areas in which I want to grow.

In fact, professors at Stanford have studied the difference between a Growth Mindset and a Fixed Mindset and found that the brain actually behaves differently when we’re uncomfortable.

When we make mistakes and try things that don’t work, our brains light up with activity and go into growth mode. Whereas when we stay with what’s comfortable, there’s little light in our brains.

When we give up and don’t even try, there’s no light.

Make a Bold Choice and Infect the World

Moving into what’s uncomfortable actually grows our brains. It could be something as mundane-sounding as going to a networking event you haven’t attended before or talking to people you’re not necessarily comfortable with.

SA_Twitter_IconTweet: Moving into what’s uncomfortable actually grows our brains.

When you make the “scary” choice and allow your brain to grow, you’ll inspire the people around you to do the same. Imagine if everyone in your life were consistently taking smart risks and making bold, creative choices. How wonderfully would that affect you? How wonderfully would that affect the whole world?

Coming up this fall, I’m offering a program that has participants look at their relationship with money, called the Wealth School. It’s important to be conscious of our money mess – and yes, it’s often a mess! When we’re aware of the mess, we can release it and expand into a more abundant frequency, positively infecting other people in our lives.

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