What it Means to “Raise Your Vibration”



You may have heard people recently talking about “raising your vibration,” perhaps in the context of making more money, bringing in more opportunities or increasing their spiritual awareness.

What does it mean to “raise your vibration,” really? Let’s have a look.

We Are All Energy

Everything in the Universe has a frequency. Physicists have shown us that matter doesn’t actually exist; even the things that we think of as solid aren’t really solid. If you keep using progressively higher magnification, you will never find a solid particle. It’s all energy.

The rate of vibration is different for different materials, including our bodies. Even subtle variations in the makeup of these materials can shift the frequency.

You might be surprised to learn that rose essential oil has a higher vibration than lavender essential oil. Even though they feel the same on our hands, their molecular structure is different, and so their vibration is different. Rose essential oil vibrates at 320 megahertz, while lavender vibrates at 118 megahertz.

Our human bodies also have a specific range within which we vibrate. A healthy cell vibrates above 62 megahertz, while cancer cells vibrate at a frequency of around 42 megahertz.

It’s amazing to think that there is such a distinct difference in how the two different cells operate in the world.

How Does This Relate to Money?  

Your mode of operation has a specific frequency. For instance, fear would be a lower vibration; joy a higher vibration.

In the same vein, it just so happens that higher vibrations are those that translate into bringing in money because higher-level experiences vibrate at a higher rate. 

Like a lock and key, the rate at which you vibrate is the level of what you experience in life. So, in order to experience something different (say, if you want to bring in more money), you need to raise your vibration so you are in sync with the new experience or situation that you desire. 

SA_Twitter_IconTweet: The higher your frequency, the more space you have to receive abundance.

To me, it’s not so much that money itself has a higher vibration. It’s that being able to show up in our lives in ways that has us receive more money has a higher vibration. If you just picture someone shutting down and drawing inward, you can feel the low vibration of those actions. When you picture someone looking outward, arms wide open and shoulders relaxed, welcoming what’s coming, that’s a higher vibration.

Being able to stand in the value of what you offer is a higher vibration. Being able to say, “Yes!” to an experience is a higher vibration.

The higher your frequency, the more space you have to receive abundance. And every single person who brings healing into this area of themselves and their lives will benefit all the others on the planet.

Raising your money vibration can be incredibly infectious in a beautiful way. If you’d like to work with me and a group of dedicated, conscious people to raise your frequency, I encourage you to click HERE for more information on my upcoming Wealth School course.



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