Your Business Path Can Be Your Spiritual Path

In your business, do you ever feel like you have to hold back or play it safe just in case the money runs out?

I understand fears about money. I’ve had them myself, and I see them in my clients. It seems like a natural part of the world in which we live.

But what if we looked at those fears in a new light?

Energy is Renewable

What happens when we’re feeling afraid is that we contract. It feels safer to hold back, withdraw a bit, keep something in reserve. The truth, though, is that this is precisely the time to lean in more.

It’s like a runner who has a marathon coming up in a few months and feels that she has a certain amount of energy to expend running. She thinks that by saving it, she might have enough for the race.

But we know that if she uses that energy now and goes out running, she’ll build up more energy, which she can then use the next day to go out running again.

If she keeps doing this, she’ll build up enough energy and momentum (not to mention muscles) to run the marathon.

If she has a running coach who can show her how to improve her stride, how to stagger the lengths of her runs and advise her when she needs to take a break, she’ll make even more progress.

The marathon will still be work, AND she’ll have the confidence, the endurance and the strength that she’s built up by experiencing her own success in her previous runs.

What she didn’t know in the beginning is that her energy is renewable. She didn’t know that she could actually increase her energy by using what she has now.

Limiting Thoughts

Do you see yourself being able to generate money? Are you able to fully embrace that thought, or is it one that’s in your head but doesn’t resonate through your whole being?

Do you have any thoughts like:

…It’s okay for me to make some money, but I shouldn’t make too much. I might lose my spiritual center and become fixated on money or self-absorbed.

…I know that the Universe is rich and abundant, and somehow I can’t quite see myself as rich and abundant, at least not when it comes to actual money.

…People just won’t pay that much for what I do, so there’s a limit to how much I can make and I have to hold on to what I have.

If you have thoughts like these, then know that it’s perfectly normal. I’ve encountered them in myself and in hundreds of clients.

And they can stop you and your business from growing.

You’re committed to your own growth and increasing your level of consciousness and awareness (I can already tell just because you’re reading this blog post). The best way I’ve found to do that is to clear your blocks and take action in your business.

Let your business path also be your spiritual path.

So what I’m encouraging you to do is to find what feels expansive to you. What makes you feel most alive?

And just so you know, whatever that is may also scare you.

I signed up with my first business coach precisely because it scared me in all the right ways. And I was scared – terrified! I was excited and energized as well. I felt like I’d found someone who could really help me become the business owner and person I wanted to be.

So if you’re feeling scared and playing small feels “safe,” I understand. And I invite you to ask yourself if that’s really what you want for you life and for yourself.

If it’s not, then what’s best for you to help you live a bigger, more engaging and more vibrant life?

I’ll cheer you on – whatever that is – because I’m committed to supporting your growth in the way that’s best for you.

Leave a comment below to share your thoughts on merging your spiritual and business paths.

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  1. Hi Sara,

    I LOVE that you wrote about “Let your business path also be your spiritual path.”

    I have learned so much about spirit and service and love along the way of starting and building my business. My biggest lesson (so far) has been about boundries.

    I used to think that boundries were for selfish people and if I had them then I would shut people out. So not true. Now that I have them I can be MORE loving and present and alive.

    My word of the year is “allow.” And I allow my business path to also be my spiritual path.

    Thanks again!

    1. Post

      Hi, Monique –

      Isn’t it funny the ideas we have about things like what it means to have boundaries? We have thoughts like, I can’t do that because then…” It seems so real — until we look at it with fresh eyes, even try it out.

      I had the same experience you describe but related to structure. I thought structure was confining and would limit my creativity. As I cleared all my beliefs about it, I saw that structure supports my creativity. Having structure for my day allows me to focus my creativity on the projects I love, rather than on constantly “creating” my day. So much nicer!

      Enjoy exploring and playing with allowing, Monique. Sounds like the makings of a great year!


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