You Can’t Grow a Successful Business Without Continuing to Grow Yourself

You Can’t Grow a Successful Business Without Continuing to Grow YourselfMany of us have this idea that at some point we’ll “figure it all out” and be on a trajectory that only goes upwards.

Unfortunately, that’s just not realistic. No matter where we are in life, we’ll always hit challenging moments. It’s through those challenges that we experience growth.

You and Your Business Are In this Together

One of the biggest misconceptions I see my clients struggle with is the idea that if they can’t visualize themselves taking step number ten, then they can’t take step number one.

They say, “If I can’t see myself hiring a personal assistant to follow me around and do what needs to be done then I can’t hire a virtual assistant,” or “If I can’t see myself running a $300K company then I can’t send out these introduction letters.”

We see each challenge as the entire staircase rather than a single step. No matter how we rationalize, we feel like if we take that first step, we’ll be locked in.

Stepping Up is Scary

I try to help clients release the fears that are tangled up in all of that. I remind them over and over that even though they might see step number ten at the top of the staircase, they don’t need to take it right now.

Taking steps one through nine raises us to level of step number ten. We become the person who can take step number ten by taking the other steps first.

Stay Focused on What Matters

A lot of this is about learning to manage ourselves. Our time, our money, our attention, and even our relationships.

By making conscious decisions in all of those areas, we can begin to focus on what is really important to the growth of our businesses and ourselves.

The trick is not getting caught up in things being perfect. When we refuse to accept things as they are, we can’t be fully engaged. When we’re not engaged, we get distracted. We spend hours on Facebook or we tackle little tasks that don’t make a big difference or we fail to delegate.

We distract ourselves because we don’t want to wrestle with the bigger questions. Are we clear on what we have to offer? Should we revise our sales page? Do we need to pick up the phone and make calls to the people who have expressed interest in working with us but have never followed through?

Building Your Business is Not a Selfish Act

When we aren’t fully engaged with our own business, we aren’t fully engaged with our clients. And we can’t be fully engaged with either if we’re not fully engaged with ourselves

Going through the emotional gunk, doing the clarity exercises, becoming connected to our own power is actually what makes us better at what we do and more able to offer our clients something substantial.

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