You Are Wildly Creative Without Even Trying


Sitting down to a white piece of paper or a blank canvas can feel so daunting! Our minds want something to fill the empty space, and so things begin to creep in.

The first things that slink into the space are usually fears.

  • What if I create crap?
  • What if no one wants it?
  • What if it’s not good enough?
  • What if I’m not good enough?

We get smaller. We shrink inwardly. And our creativity shrinks with us until we question whether it was even there in the first place.

It happens to everyone. In fact, as I sat down to write this article I felt hesitant. I don’t want to let you down. I want to make a difference for you. I want to connect with you and contribute positively in your life and I was nervous I wouldn’t.

So I understand the shrinking feeling.

In fact, the fear of being seen – which is one of the primary blocks to creativity – is one of the most common fears I help my clients release.


Inner Space & Authenticity
What we need is inner space.

Inner space lets us breathe.  Inner space lets our creation expand within us, gestating as it prepares for outer form.

Inner space is porous.  It allows inspiration to flow in and connections to happen.

It gives us the space to be ourselves, to be authentic. And people CRAVE authenticity.

It’s the one thing we want most from other people – and the thing we’re most reluctant to give because it makes us feel so vulnerable.

Have you ever noticed that we want other people to be themselves, but we believe that no one wants who and what we really are?


Step Into Color
Thinking in this way is like living in a black and white world, hiding the color you have to share because you think it’s the one shade nobody else will like.  And the thing is, most everyone else is hiding his or her color, too.

No, not everyone is going to like the shade of color you have to share. Some people might even hate it.

And some will LOVE it.

Maybe it’s important that the people who don’t like your color have the opportunity to see it clearly for themselves.  They get to feel what’s right FOR THEM.  They get to have the experience of saying “no” to something, which makes their “yes” stronger and more meaningful.

What if the real service we render to others is to show up and let them make a choice? What if that alone is the contribution of a lifetime?


You Don’t Have to Do Anything
Creativity isn’t about becoming something you aren’t already in this very moment. It’s not about trying or getting something right.

Creativity is about being and expressing YOU.

It’s about tapping into the subtle urges, listening to the soft pull, honoring the gentle voice inside that guides us toward our highly creative and most authentic self.

What if the point of being creative is to be creative?  To get clear about what you want to express?  To get clear about how you want to express it?

What if we can honor each person’s reaction to what we create? Let them feel however they feel and experience whatever they experience?

This is a chance to love ourselves and what we create regardless of someone else’s reaction.

People often think that they have to learn to trust others before they can truly share themselves.  My clients are often surprised to discover that, when they come to a place of deeply trusting and accepting themselves, they aren’t worried about what others think.  They now have the freedom and confidence to be creative, to be seen, to be themselves

Will there still be moments of nervousness or hesitation?  Sure.  We’re all continuously growing and trying new things.

Just keep in mind that your creativity comes from a place of inner spaciousness and trust within you.


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  1. Such true words Sarah. Thank you!

    I especially liked what you said under: ‘And Some Will Love it’.

    The plus is that true colors do attract the same true colors!

    1. Post

      Thank you, Carolyn. I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

      Reading your comment, I had the image of some colors being clear, attracting others that are similar or complementary, while other colors were muddy and indistinct. That makes it even more clear for me.


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