Why It’s Important to Feel



We all have emotions that we’re more comfortable with.  For some people, that’s feeling happy, for some, it’s not.

However, being human, we simply cannot live in one emotional realm.  We can’t say, “I’m only going to experience high vibration emotions.”  That’s not life!

It’s not who we are as humans.  Plus, if we were to only experience high vibration emotions, we wouldn’t appreciate them. Imagine if everything in your life were blue.  There’s no contrast, so you can’t appreciate or even really notice the blue.

Allowing Yourself to Feel is the Key

When those lower vibration emotions do arise – fear, frustration, depression, anxiety – allowing yourself to actually feel them is what helps them to shift.

Pushing those feelings down doesn’t work because it puts them underground.  It’s like having static on a phone line. Even if you try to ignore it, you still notice it, and it certainly disrupts communication.

Being able to truly feel the emotion and allow it to flow through us is what will ultimately have us move back into a higher vibration arena.

When we’re not comfortable feeling an emotion – whether it’s vibration is high or low – we stuff it down by eating, drinking, watching Netflix or staying in motion (constantly busy).  Or we go into our heads about the emotions (“Oh no, I’m feel sad. Why am I sad? I bet this is related to the time that…”), which is not the same as actually feeling them.

It’s when we allow ourselves to drop down into our bodies and experience the emotion ourselves that we get to what’s behind it. And that can be hard to do on our own.

How to Identify Stifled Emotions

Often, we push down emotions without even realizing that we’re doing it. Sometimes we obsessively think about the emotions so much that we can’t feel them.  All we know is that we’re no longer in the centered, peaceful place that is so rewarding.

Tweet: Your vibration will always align with the experiences you have in life.

Pushing down fears and anxieties doesn’t make them go away.  So, while on the surface we may appear happy and cheerful, we still have an under layer of low-vibration gunk.

That gunk comes through in our energy. It often shows up in photographs.  Have you ever looked at a picture where someone had seemed happy in the moment, but when you look at the snapshot you think, “Oh, I didn’t realize how tense that person’s mouth is.”  Or maybe their eyes look tense.

You may not consciously register that you’re noticing it, and yet, we constantly send and receive these messages from the people around us and respond to them without even realizing it.

Your ability to manage and experience emotions affects your vibration. Your vibration will always align with the experiences you have in life.  If you would like to dive more deeply into this work, click HERE. I would love to speak with you to find out if I can help.

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  1. Sara, you always seem to address the issue I’ve been dealing with – and then provide spot-on suggestions for moving forward. It’s quite uncanny how many times I’ve noticed that (since Atlanta 2014)!

    I’m loving your sparkly shoes and your steppin’ out style 🙂 <3

    I guess my new edge is feeling/using/enjoying my voice more and being open to surprising myself. Feeling new-er and free-er.

    1. Post

      That’s great, Susanna! I love synchronicity. And glad you like the shoes. 🙂

      Wonderful about using your voice more! Our voices have so much resonance and truly carry our vibration out into the world. I’m coming to appreciate that more and more. Have fun and let me know what you discover along the way.

      Thanks for sharing.


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