Why it’s Important to be Conscious of What We’re Reaffirming to Ourselves

In every part of our lives, it’s important to be conscious of and responsible for what we’re reaffirming to ourselves. Often, we may catch ourselves having repetitive thoughts that don’t serve us, like, “People are out to get me. This isn’t going to work. I’m not a good speaker.”

Most of the time, these thoughts stem from a survival mechanism. There are some situations when that works for us – it can help us stay away from things that are dangerous or unhealthy.

However, when it’s not working, we have the responsibility and the freedom to go inside ourselves and make a change. If there are areas in your life where you are consistently getting frustrated or upset, that’s an indication that you have some thought patterns that aren’t working in your best interest.

We Must Shift How We Identify Ourselves

Many people try to change their inner dialogue through outer action. While often there are tools and strategies that can make a huge difference, for instance, there are guidelines for how to become a good speaker, the first and most important thing to do is let go of the identity of not being a good speaker.

All of us will encounter these identities at different levels. Even highly successful business people will hit an internal barrier to becoming more successful, or to growing their business even bigger, or even trying a new business.

This is not something you just do once and then it’s gone. Changing how we identify ourselves takes a level of self-awareness, and it demands a level of responsibility.

Why it’s Important to be Conscious of what We’re Reaffirming to OurselvesSometimes it’s Easier to be a Victim

It can be much easier or feel safer to have a victim mentality about ourselves. “There’s nothing I can do. That’s just the way I am. That’s just how life is,” are the types of thoughts that reinforce a victim-like mentality.

Sometimes we truly believe them, and it takes a willingness to look at the thoughts and admit that it’s possible that they’re not true… it also takes a willingness to get uncomfortable, and to give up what has felt like a safety net or security blanket.

After all, there’s a reason we’ve been holding on to the patterns and the behaviors like eating comfort food that isn’t healthy but makes us feel better. Or having our business stay at a certain level. Because it feels too scary to move beyond our current situation and into something that feels like a big unknown.

Often we look at where we want to go, and it feels like an unreachable expanse.

It’s Just about Taking the Next Step

All we have to do is remember that it’s just about taking the next step. It doesn’t have to be done all at once, and once you can get support and guidance, it becomes much easier.

The first step to re-identify ourselves in the role we want is to take care of our mindset and energy. Without that, you can have all the strategies in the world, and know all the steps you should take, but when you have a mental or emotional or energetic block, you just can’t make yourself take the steps.

One of my clients is going to hire someone new for her team. For weeks she has had “posting the job on Craigslist” on her to-do list. She knew she should do it, yet somehow she could never make herself do it. Day after day, it just never got done.

It’s amazing how we can keep ourselves busy doing the little administrative things so that we just never have quite enough time to sit down and address the big scary stuff.

There is some kind of freedom that happens when we focus on the next step, but sometimes it can be difficult to take that step without the proper support. If you’re ready to move into a place of clarity and become aware of where energetic blocks are holding you back, I would love to talk to you. Click HERE to set up a time for a connection call.

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