Who’s your biggest competitor?

My clients complete a form before each of our calls so that we’re both clear on what’s going on for them and what we’re going to work on.  I was reading one the other day on which the client talked about competition.

(A former employee) continues to take my intellectual property right off my website …but not quite enough that I have a legal right to sue her…andit is causing me a lot of stress.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to compete with her.

During our call, we cleared a lot of the issues around this and it’s origins for her.  Then I had her connect with her energy (this helps things move to an even deeper level) while I told her the following:

Picture yourself on the beach beside the ocean.  Imagine that there’s a bucket on the sand beside you.  You have a cup in your hand and you’re filling the bucket from the ocean.

Now, picture this person a little ways down the beach.  She has a bucket that she’s filling from the ocean with her cup.

My client visibly relaxed and started to laugh.  “I get it!”

Hearing the story made such an impact on her, and it wasn’t a mental image I’ve ever shared – or thought of – before.  It came from our connection and from what she brought to the session.

A few days later, I was talking to a friend of mine and I told her this story as we shared how our week had been.  Just hearing the story that way shifted something deep for her.  

She’s struggled with feeling competitive with and jealous of someone in her industry.  She felt that dissolve, leaving a sense of abundance and freedom.

This story connected with and released something in her.

The connection MADE the release.

It has the feeling for me of electricity completing a circuit.  It’s that completion that creates the flow, that turns on the lights, that has the electricity working for us.

This is how we each make a difference for our clients.

Through your conversations, your designs, your products – whatever it is that you do for your clients – you’re connecting with something in them.  You’re helping them to complete a circuit.

With this in mind, you can do it consciously.  You can look for ways to serve your clients better by helping them to complete more circuits.

You can also more fully appreciate when it happens.  You can intentionally connect with that feeling of flow.

You can also notice when circuits are completed for YOU.  Completing a circuit for your clients ALSO completes a circuit for you.  It allows you to connect with feelings like satisfaction, gratitude, pride and humility.

It allows you to experience flow.

Whatever you focus on increases, so making deliberate choices about what you focus on serves you.  What happens when you focus on this?  Did you notice a shift in yourself?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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