We’re Not Bulldozers (But We Often Think We Are)

When something big comes up like a crippling fear or a tense situation, it can seem like there are only two options: either we let it stop us, or we push our way through and just try to get through.

Actually, there is a third route and it can be a doorway to deep healing.

Recently, one of my clients needed to fire one of her employees. The situation felt very challenging to her.  She had the option to just push her way through it and get it done without looking too deeply at it.

Because she and I were working together, though, she was able to go really deep with the situation and uncover emotions and past trauma that she didn’t even realize she had. Now the next time she is faced with a tense situation like that, she will be able to handle it much more easily and gracefully.

Unresolved Stuff

These kinds of situations pull up unresolved things from our past. It could be feelings of having to please everybody, or thoughts like, “It’s not safe for me to be bold and make a stand” or “My business is not worth fighting for.”

These situations are doorways into really deep healing and release. Then, when we encounter something similar in the future, it’s not such a big deal because we don’t have the extra baggage resonating with that particular energy.

Recognizing the Bulldozer

Often, we choose to bulldoze through things without even realizing it. So how can we recognize this experience so we can make a different choice?

Bulldozing is when we stuff down the fear or uncomfortable feelings. We push them away and try not to look at what’s coming up from the past around the situation.

A lot of the time, people will shift into their head because they don’t want to be in their body and experience strong emotions. They start to analyze the situation and disconnect from their intuition.

Another way people push through is by keeping themselves very busy, frequently with tasks that aren’t even productive. When we’re trying not to see something, we don’t have access to our full attention, so we lose our ability to truly focus.

You see, when we’re pushing things down, we have to keep our hands on them to keep them down. Eventually it becomes like a game of whack-a-mole because we’re working so hard to keep the next thing from popping up!

Suddenly, someone’s telling you they love you and, rather than accepting the love, you’re busy trying to push down thoughts like, “I’m not good enough,” or “this person is going to hurt me, just like the last one,” or “I feel trapped.”

Return to Your Authentic Self

I take my clients through a process for clearing the energetic connections to the stuff that’s coming up. We see these challenging situations as opportunities to access and release the old patterns.

What always amazes my clients is that by the time we’re complete with the process and the icky stuff has come up and those frightening thoughts have passed through, they are able to move forward freely.

Can you see a “setback” that is actually an opportunity to embrace and release old energies? Share in the comments what you see could be possible for yourself if you were able to let go of old fears.

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