Use Your Strengths More Powerfully in the World


I’ve worked with several clients recently who felt bad charging for what they do. They think that because it’s “so easy,” anyone can do it and they shouldn’t charge people. Or should charge very little.

Each person’s business was very different from the others, ranging from visual arts to strategic planning, but they had this thought in common.

I’ve seen it over and over.  And, yeah, I’ve had the thought myself.

Honoring Your Strengths is a Gift to the World

When something is easy for us, it means we’re good at it. And the truth is that we aren’t meant to spend our lives slaving away at something that we hate, that feels hard and kills our creative spirit. That’s not our genius work.

The things that come easily to us are usually the things that light us up, the things that raise our vibration and attract wonderful opportunities, people and situations into our lives. Those are the things we offer the world.

Each of us has a personal vibration that contributes to the vibration of our community and society, our country, and to the world.

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When we claim our strengths, when we say, “Yes!  I’m good at this!” our energy gets stronger and we actually do that thing more powerfully.  

When we raise our vibration as an individual, the vibration of our household rises, and that affects our city, our county, and so on. It may feel like raising your personal vibration won’t make much of a difference in a world of billions, but remember… the global vibration is made up of individuals.

Each individual does matter. And each individual’s actions and vibrations cause a ripple effect through the world around them.

This can be most easily experienced in the world of politics right now. When someone makes a speech that is filled with anger and fear, you feel that effect. You see the effect those words and that energy has on the people around the speaker.

Along those lines, when someone makes a speech that is inspiring and uplifting, you feel that, too.

Claim Your Strengths

The things that come easily to you, the areas in which you’re talented or experience great joy… those are your strengths. When we claim our strengths, it creates a laser-like focus on an area that raises our personal vibration, and it affects the world around us.

This week, I encourage you to look at your life and identify some of your strengths. Do the people around you support those strengths? What would it look like if you claimed them as your own, and stepped into the powerful vibration of knowing yourself?

If you would like some assistance identifying and claiming your strengths, I would love to talk to you. Click HERE to get in touch with me directly.

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