Treasure Hunt: Finding the Golden Nuggets of Leadership

12620165_sIf everyone were truly living in the present, and fully aware of following their natural instincts and talents, leadership would just be a natural thing that happens. When we clear the gunk, the stuff we’re still attached to from the past, we can find the golden leadership nuggets that are hidden under all the stories.

That’s really what I do. I help people uncover their golden nuggets.

You know, we’ve all experienced pain in some form or another. When that happens, we have a few options. One option is to contract. It looks like pulling into yourself and away from the world and other people. That’s often our first reaction because it feels safe.

In my work, I find the pain points and help my clients release them. Those pain points, on a deep level, become the points of transformation – the golden nuggets. We work through them not by re-experiencing the pain, but by allowing and helping a very natural healing process to occur.

When we release the drama, story and hurt from an event, we allow learning, growth and compassion to move into that space. We’re able to keep that as we release the rest.

Spray Away the Gunk

Every painful experience has a lesson or transformation embedded in it. I like to think of my work as spraying away all the gunk so that the nuggets of gold, the transformation points, are revealed.

Our past is the past. You can’t just toss the whole thing. What you CAN do is to let it be a foundation for growth rather than a painful memory that holds you back and weighs you down. The judgment, limiting decisions and pain are what I think of as the “gunk

I recently worked with a client who was carrying a lot of pain and trauma from her past. Once we cleared and released all the drama of her story, a light bulb flashed on for her. She realized that she was no longer there. Her life is no longer based on the hurt that happened to her as a child.

She understood that the people who were supposed to have taken care of her simply weren’t able to because they were caught up in their own pain. She understood that this was a pattern that she didn’t have to repeat.

She realized that she could use her experience as a way to connect with people, be compassionate and relate to her clients rather than seeing it as something that distracted and distanced her from others.

So often we have these types of understandings on an intellectual level that’s actually masking residual pain, hurt, shame, guilt and anger. With energy work, realizations like this happen on a deep, cellular level that influences all parts of our lives.

We always have the option to focus on the gunk that covers the golden nuggets, like on the fact that we weren’t properly cared for as a child, or that we felt unloved… OR we can release the gunk on a deep level and live from the understanding that every trial we experience is a golden nugget meant to expand our experience.

Have you discovered any golden nuggets underneath the gunk? Share your thoughts in the area below.

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