The School of the Uncomfortable



Have you noticed how focused most of us are on being comfortable?  In fact, in many ways, we’re addicted to it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m VERY grateful for modern comforts like air conditioning, cars, electricity and indoor plumbing!  I especially love the technology that lets me work with clients all over the world and still be home to have dinner with my family.

What I’m talking about here is our emotional comfort.

Have you ever been in a group when there’s an uncomfortable silence? People start desperately looking for a way to break it.  Someone will a joke and everyone laughs too loudly, relieved that it’s over.

We do the same thing internally.  When uncomfortable thoughts or feelings come up, we do what we can to break the tension.

  • We reach for food.
  • We get busy.
  • We grab our phone and turn on Netflix, music or an audiobook.
  • We go exercise.
  • We daydream.

We usually don’t have a clue that we’re doing it to get away from the discomfort.

Now, none of those activities in the list is a bad thing.  On the other hand, doing them in order to distract ourselves doesn’t serve us long term.

When we push the discomfort down, we’re actually holding onto it.

The thoughts stay in the back of our minds and the feelings are stored in our bodies.

This creates 2 problems:

  1. It takes a lot of energy NOT to think our thoughts and NOT to feel our feelings.  It takes energy to hold all of that in and down.  The more you’re holding in, the more of your energy is being sucked away, leaving less for everything else you need and want to do.
  2. All that unresolved stuff is still there.  In photos you can often see it in the tightness of someone’s mouth or the tension around their eyes, even when they’re smiling.  Energetically, it’s like going through life with static on the line and never having a clear signal.  It makes connection and flow so much harder!

Tweet: It takes a lot of energy NOT to think our thoughts and NOT to feel our feelings.

The key is to let ourselves stay with the discomfort.

Doesn’t sound very fun, does it?  In fact, some of those distractions are probably looking pretty good about now.  🙂

And yet…

One of the participants in my Vibe with Your Vision group is someone I’ve worked with before.  She knows the power of this work and knows to allow the process to take its course.

During our pre-retreat call this week, she had a lot of gunk come up.  In fact, she says she was crying during part of the call.

She wrote me afterward to say:

And even though I was crying, I was NOT sad that it was happening AT ALL!  I WANT this shit to come UP and OUT! 

Once all the gunk came up and cleared out of her system, she felt elated.

If this is how I feel after bringing up the shit…then bring it on! Bring that shit up! ‘Cause I want to feel like THIS!

Most of my clients describe that feeling with words like: light, clear, excited, at ease and calmly energized.

And, you have to be with the discomfort first.

Since I can’t give you a quick-and-easy pill to get you there, I’m going to give you a special gift that I’m sharing with my Vibe with Your Vision participants.

I’ve created 3 playsheets to help them become more aware of their uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, and begin to move through them.  Then on our calls, we’ll do some really deep clearing to fully release it all.

I’m sharing with you the first of the playsheets.  You can click here to download the School of the Uncomfortable playsheet.

It’ll help tremendously with the negative thoughts you have like, “I can’t do this” and “No one will pay to work with me anyway.”  If, of course, you use it.

If you want to do some deep releasing of all this old crap, then check out the Vibe with Your Vision virtual mini-retreat.  Registration ends this Monday, Jun 29 at 12 noon Eastern.  

I’d love for you join us and realize your dreams with greater ease, confidence and fun!

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