Stop Running from Your Own Success

For most of us, the thing we’re running from is almost always the pathway to our biggest growth and the doorway to deeper peace. Gaining perspective on what’s blocking your way to success can be difficult and it’s normal for some unpleasant stuff to come up along the way.

When we push down or hide from those uncomfortable emotions, we make the process much more difficult for ourselves.

Remaining Present in the Face of What Feels Wrong

My work with clients is really about helping them stay present as things begin to come up for them. I meet clients where they are and help them avoid getting stuck by accompanying them into the realm of discomfort.

My goal is always to lead them through the discomfort in a way that is healthy and prepares them to tackle challenging situations differently when they inevitably show up in the future.

Are you running away from successIt Won’t Always Feel So Intense

In the beginning, the issues and feelings that come up can seem so big as to be insurmountable or overwhelming. As clients continue to do the work, however, they begin to realize that tackling difficult moments or dealing with uncomfortable feelings gets much easier.

Once I’ve been working with someone for a while, they actually start to embrace the more challenging situations that arise. They might even get excited when something that feels big and icky comes along because they know it’s an opportunity to practice what they’re learning.

They also recognize how great it’s going to feel once that issue has been cleared away.

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

When tackling a big, personal challenge it is totally normal to feel like you’re in it all by yourself. You feel alone. Isolated. It can be helpful during these times to have someone there with you.

Whether it’s a coach, a trusted friend, or a team member, having someone to accompany you along the way makes it much easier to look at the hard stuff.

The other person offers a tangible reminder that as alone as you might feel, there is somebody there to help you through.

Your Fear is Your Guide

As scary as the process might seem, it’s important to remember that our fear is there to support us, not drag us down. We owe it to ourselves to find ways to embrace our fears and let them guide us in our decision-making.

When we allow our fears to hold us back, we miss out on so much and live only part of the life we were meant to enjoy.

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