Shining the Light On Your Business and Your Life

sara areyLiving a truly authentic life can be hard because it means getting rid of the gunk from the past.

Continuing to clear away that stuff through energy techniques has worked for me. It’s made me able to connect with and approve of myself first instead of looking to other people for approval.

Still, I don’t think we ever get to the point where we can say, “Oh OK. that’s done! I am now super centered and nothing will ever bother me again.” That’s not life. We clear out to where we’ve expanded in this moment and then we expand further and clear out some more.

Seeing What You Haven’t Seen Before

Think about it as though you’re standing in a pool of light in the middle of a dark room. You clean up what you can see in this circle of light and then the light grows. The circle gets bigger. Suddenly you’re seeing things you’ve never been able to see before.

You clean up those things and the light gets a little brighter, the circle grows wider and you start to see even more things you’d never noticed. Every time you clean up, the circle of light expands.

As you begin to see more of what’s there, you begin to experience more of your life.

At some point, instead of living in a two-foot circle of light, you’re living in a ten or twenty or thirty-foot circle! There’s more room to breathe. You have space!

You also naturally have more of an impact on the world around you because you are starting to express yourself with more authenticity and clarity.

When You Function at a Higher Level, Your Business Does Too

When you’ve got that kind of clarity, it often becomes blindingly obvious when someone on your team isn’t functioning at the level you need them to.

This isn’t about judging them as a good or bad person, it’s about recognizing that they’re simply not a good fit.

After this realization, the next step may be to fire the person. I’ve worked with several clients who were about to fire someone and the experience brought up all kinds of questions and concerns:

“This person is going to hate me! She’s going to go work for a competitor and share all of my secrets!

Who am I to do this to someone? Who am I to insist on what’s right for my business or what I want?

Am I good enough? Strong enough? Is it OK to hurt someone’s feelings like this?

They’re going to be mad and hate me.”

The impending firing is bringing old stuff up for the business owner. It’s resonating with fears they’ve had in the past or things people have told them.

Being able to release all that allows them to be present with the person, to be authentic. Sometimes the person reacts well. Sometimes they don’t. Their reaction is simply that – their reaction.

What also happens is that the business owner walks away with greater confidence and clarity. More aligned with his/her vision. There’s a flow of strength from inside the person that doesn’t require an outer toughness or callousness.

What doesn’t happen is important, too. This situation doesn’t become one more weight the business owner carries, another thing to feel bad or guilty about. The business owner leaves the situation lighter than before – lighter, stronger and more compassionate.

After the firing, what tends to happen is that they find someone who is a much better fit. All of the sudden, the whole business is functioning at a higher level because they are functioning at a higher level.

What Works At This Level, Might Not Work at the Next One

Getting to that higher level doesn’t mean that you won’t still come up against stuff. You excel at one level in life and then you move to the next level. In order to excel there, you’ll have more stuff to clean out.

Think of yourself like a sports car with a finely tuned engine. The mechanics are so fine-tuned that you can’t use the same gasoline that works for a Ford Taurus.

It’s the same in our work lives. We constantly have to shift our mindset as we continue to grow and expand.

If you’re really ready to expand into the next realm and grow your business from a place of clarity, I have one open space right now and would love to talk to you about whether we’re a good fit. Contact me today to begin the conversation.

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