Powerfully Shift Into Action from a Place of Abundance and Clarity

Shift Into Action

Shift Into ActionThis Month, I’m offering a new group program called Shift Into Action. It’s a 9-week program designed to empower business owners to work through emotional gunk to create a space and take inspired action in their business and personal lives.

The thing that’s different about this program from any productivity course I’ve seen is that we’re working on two different (and equally important) levels.

We work at the surface level of practicality, including tools that people use on a daily and weekly basis to accomplish tasks. This portion of the class will help entrepreneurs understand what needs to happen next and how to check things off their list in a way that connects them energetically.

We also work on a truly energetic level so we can clear away what has kept you from being as productive and clear as you want to be.

So often in productivity programs, the structure is “do these steps to get this result.” The steps may be wonderful, but if they’re bringing up thoughts like, “This isn’t going to work for me, I can’t do this, I don’t deserve success…” then you’re not going to implement them.

Shift Into Action from a Place of Clarity

Let’s say you’re working on writing sales copy for a program. Logically, you break it down into several steps that need to be completed, but as you check the steps off your list, you think, “I’m not good enough, no one is going to sign up for this, they’re going to think I charge way too much… My friends and family are going to be horrified when they see how much I’m charging…”

When you have these thoughts playing in the background, you’re not going to fully complete the steps. Or you’ll do them, but only half-heartedly and with an energy of pushing or desperation.

When we set out to do something, when we shift into action, the gunk comes up. It is just part of how we work as human beings.

When you’re prepared for the gunk, you can see that it’s a perfect opportunity for clearing. Then you end up not only getting things done, but also feeling clearer and stronger for having gone through that experience and releasing what you needed to release.

Creating a Master Spirit

Many business groups refer to the concept of a “Mastermind,” that is, the phenomenon that happens when you bring together a group of like-minded individuals. Almost as if by magic, the group creates a collective mind of its own – a mastermind – that has greater knowledge and wisdom than that of each individual.

The Shift Into Action Program operates on a similar principle, which I call a Master Spirit. The group will take on a greater spirit, working to heal and grow each person individually as well as the group as a whole. The expansion that happens in a Master Spirit group is incredible.

If you’re interested in the Shift Into Action Program, click HERE to learn more about the program. I’d love to have you join us.

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