Our Beliefs: What it Means to Come from Your Head vs. Being Fully Embodied

There’s a difference between having a thought in our heads about who we are and having the belief be fully embodied within ourselves. Often this will mean the difference between longing for something and truly, deeply experiencing it.

When we let go of all the old thought patterns and “gunk” that has accumulated over the years, we experience ourselves embodying a belief. When I work with my clients that is what we’re doing. We’re releasing all the stuff that keeps them from their natural self-expression, their natural expansion and transformation and their own power and clarity.

We also instill practices that straighten their channels and keep them clear.

What it Means to be “Embodied”

I had always thought that people are all connected in some way. Once, at a spiritual intensive, I did some really deep inner releasing around ways I didn’t feel connected and some thoughts I had about being lonely and separate.

I was working one-on-one with another woman and had had my eyes closed during the releasing. In my heart, I asked the question, “What is another?” When I opened my eyes and looked at the woman, for an instant I saw my face on her. I actually experienced our being one and the same.

Another example of truly embodying a belief could be the difference between feeling like you could ride a bike and actually riding a bike. When you feel like you could (versus actually having done it), your mind understands the mechanics of it, you’ve watched videos of it, and you think you could do it.

When you’ve really had the experience of pedaling up a hill and flying down the other side, you can fully embody the belief.

In business, when you can stand in your marketing with the full-bodied conviction and confidence of your work, that’s when people get excited about working with you.

Moving into Embodiment

Often, we wish to move into a place where we’re fully embodying our beliefs, but we haven’t quite gotten there yet.

You may be saying, “I’m sure I can make two hundred thousand dollars in my business this year,” but you have doubts. You may wonder if it’s really possible for you, and ask yourself questions like, “Is that a worthy goal? Are people going to think that I’m greedy? Are friends and family going to come to me wanting money?”

When you have those kinds of thoughts going on, it’s like static. And the more and more static that you can clear away, the more embodied you become with your beliefs, and the more it becomes possible for you. You’re more willing and able to take the steps you need to take in order to have a business that generates two hundred thousand dollars in one year.

Allowing and Accepting

Being fully embodied is much more about allowing and accepting than about pushing or forcing. You can’t force yourself to be embodied. You have to clear away what’s keeping you, and then just allow it to happen.

In fact, embodiment is the natural state. Look at it this way: embodiment means that you’re actually in your body, naturally. Your consciousness is in your body. It’s when we get scared that we start getting in our heads about things.

When you give up the “what ifs?” and the “I can’ts!” your consciousness settles into your body. Because our society is so oriented around heady activities like thinking and reading and talking, it’s easy for us to get out of our bodies. Being embodied is much more about experiencing and breathing and being grounded.

It’s the most natural thing in the world.

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