What it Means to Connect with Your Authentic Power


What it Means to Connect with Your Authentic Power


The best way to describe what I do is to say that I connect my clients with their authentic power. You’ve probably had at least a glimpse of your authentic power at some point in your life; it’s a deep inner knowing and contentedness that fuels your intention.

A key ingredient to being powerful is being responsible. Truly, one cannot have power without the responsibility that goes along with it.

Responsibility Can Be Freeing

Sometimes people have felt so weighed down by responsibilities in their lives (work, children, perhaps caring for an elderly parent) that they pull back from accessing their authentic power. They don’t want the corresponding responsibility that comes with it, or they feel incapable of doing what it takes in order to be powerful.

It’s a shame when people talk themselves out of something that would empower them, such as working with a coach, taking a workshop or engaging in a leadership program because they’re unwilling to really look at themselves.

Tweet: Stepping into authentic power means stepping out of the comfort zone.

It’s true that growth requires inner work and a commitment to taking on new responsibilities. And the responsibilities most often look like being accountable for how you show up in the world; that is, the more you know, the more you are responsible for.

For instance, when you realize that you continuously do a behavior that holds you back or keeps you small, you’re responsible for changing it – unless, of course, you want to stay small.

Responsibility Grants Freedom

Yes, taking on more responsibility requires greater awareness but it also comes with incredible freedom!

Before I stepped into the leadership program which I’ve just completed, I had no idea all the ways I was holding myself back. Now that I can see my habits and patterns and behaviors, I’m responsible for not doing them anymore.

Or at least acknowledging when I am doing them!

What this looks like for me is signing up for Improv classes (done!) and dance classes, to help access areas where I’ve been holding back.

At its core, stepping into authentic power means stepping out of the comfort zone, what we’re used to, what we’ve known and trusted for years.

We do have to step up in a big way to effect real change in our lives, and that’s not a bad thing! It’s new and sometimes scary, which is why having support and camaraderie along your journey makes a world of difference.

Just in reading this article, can you spot any ways in which you’re holding yourself back? Do you initiate arguments or hold grudges or refrain from speaking your truth? Or maybe you talk yourself out of doing the thing that you really want to do because you’re worried that it will upset someone else.

Once you identify those things, you have a choice. You can ignore them and pretend like they don’t exist or you can be responsible for them… and step into a great big world of freedom!

I have a feeling I know which choice you’ll make. And if you’d like some guidance and support, I would love to take your hand in this process. Click HERE to connect with me today.


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