I can’t keep doing this

Have you ever had one of those times where you look at yourself and say, “I can’t keep doing this”?  I did.

It was the end of 2 super busy days being with 80+ clients for several days, coaching and holding space, and I got a migraine.  And I still had another day to go.

I LOVE my work and my clients, so I knew that that was going to continue.  What had to change was ME.

I clearly saw in a deeper way than ever before the connection between the quality of my service to my clients and the strength and health of my body.

This is true in general, and it’s also true in specific situations.  Like the situation I told you about about.  Like when I have lots of client sessions in one day and I want to be as fresh and present for the last person as I was for the first.

Part of my renewed commitment to my body includes more – and more consistent – exercise.  A friend recommended a workout routine last year that includes some cardio, lots of lymph clearing and is very trimming.  It sounded super so I got a bunch of the DVDs and the book and started in with great enthusiasm.

I saw some definite changes in my body, but I wasn’t happy with all of them.  In fact, I was increasing muscle mass where I didn’t want it.

So, contrary to my nature, I sat down and actually read the instruction book.  (And discovered the secret of my friends who actually read the directions!  Who knew?!)

Equipped with my new insights and understandings, I went back to the DVDs – and got virtually the same results as before.

I was pretty discouraged by now.  I’d been at this for months.  I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t work for me.  There were testimonials all through the book from people who had tons of success with this program.  Why wouldn’t it work for ME???

One day I got on the website and discovered that there’s a trainer who lives in my area, so I immediately sent her an email asking to get an appointment.

And then the thoughts started.

  • This is silly.  What can she tell me that I didn’t get from the DVDs and book?
  • This is going to be a waste of money.
  • I should be able to figure it out myself.
  • Maybe I should keep trying on my own.  I’ll probably get it out eventually.

And then I laughed as I thought of the clients and students who may have had the same thoughts about ME.

As I sat with this, I thought about all times I’ve made a little suggestion that gave a student huge results.  The times I’ve said to a client, “It sounds like the underlying fear might be ________”, and then watched their jaw drop as they had a whole new insight.

And I got excited.

Suddenly I couldn’t wait for the trainer to write me back.  In fact, I was unusually persistent in getting an appointment set because I was so eager for the results I felt she could help me get.

And it was wonderful!

She’d been well trained and had worked with people with a wide range of body types and fitness levels.  She definitely knew her stuff.

She was able to describe exactly how my body felt in certain positions.  She had me shift my weight this way here and not turn my legs out so much there.

And all those little tweaks added up big time.

It was a great experience because now the program is working for me on a whole new level.  I also loved hearing her encouragement.  I knew she knew I could do it, which gave me a whole new level of confidence.

In addition to the great stuff I got for my body, I loved falling in love all over again with the coaching/mentoring model.

I’ve had coaches and mentors who’ve made a tremendous difference in my life.  In fact, I currently have coaches for my business, finances and consciousness development – and I’m thrilled with the progress I’m making in each area.

I’m committed to this model because I’ve seen it work.  I’ve seen clients who spent most of their lives feeling sad, scared or down get happier with every session.  I’ve seen their whole experience of their lives and relationships shift.

Imagine how it would feel to be more energized and powerful, to feel flow and ease in your life and business, and like you were cheering yourself on instead of getting in your own way.

And how it would feel to have someone else guiding, supporting and believing in you instead of trying to do it all yourself.

If you’re ready to put your life on a new trajectory instead of the same old same old, then click here to set up a complimentary Connection Call with me.

You, too, might be surprised at just how easy it is.


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  1. Sara, this is a wonderful testimony to the power of receiving help and support. You have been a big part of my growth since I, too, started receiving support. THANK YOU! Receiving has become an essential practice for me, and it’s working its way into my work as well as I’m working on a series of receiving bowls, as a symbol for receiving nourishment of all kinds.
    I’m so glad you are feeling better!

    1. Post

      Thanks, Ginger. It’s been good. And I’m thrilled to hear about your bigger and bigger ways of receiving. I can’t wait to see pictures of the bowls!

      It’s a true pleasure to work with you.

      Enjoy your weekend!

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