From To Do to TADAs

written by Sara Arey
In our fast-paced world, we all have a lot of things to accomplish in a day.  A long To Do list can feel overwhelming and discouraging, though, making it even harder to get anything done!

Our success depends on our being productive.

So how do we get from here to there?

The first thing to keep in mind is that your words and thoughts are powerful.  Very powerful.

How you frame situations determines how you feel about them.  Notice how you feel when you read the following:

  • I have to write a letter to a difficult client telling them I can’t do what they want me to do.  I hate doing this!  I’m no good at it and I feel scared of what might happen.

What are the feelings in your body?  How doable does this feel?

Now read this one:

  • I have the opportunity to be more clear for myself and my client about what my genius work is and how I can best serve them.  I’m scared, and I can still do it.  I’ll feel so proud of myself when it’s done.  I might see ways to improve it later.  That’s okay.  For now, I’m going to be gentle and forgiving of myself and just do the best I can.

What are the feelings in your body now?  Does it feel more doable?

In the first example, I’m struggling against my feelings.  They feel like a block to getting the letter done.  I’m also struggling against the client by labeling them as difficult.  There’s a sense of them against me.

In the second example, I’m accepting my feelings and the fact that I can still write the letter.  The sense of struggle is gone.  I’m looking at this as an opportunity and acknowledging how good it will feel to have it done.  I also give myself permission not to be perfect.

Want to take it a step further?

  • I’m going to give myself the gift of increased clarity and the experience of setting boundaries for myself and others.  I’m going to give my client the gift of clarity on how I can best serve them.  I claim the feelings of strength and peace this experience holds for me.  I’m grateful to this client for giving me this opportunity and to myself for stepping into it.

Moving into gratitude can make all the difference. 

I realize that it’s not always easy to shift gears like this and feel in alignment with the gratitude and seeing these situations as gifts and opportunities.  That’s where energy clearing can really make a difference – helping us to quickly clear out what’s in the way of really resonating with this vision.

And, don’t underestimate the power of simply changing the way you talk to yourself about it.  Keeping working with it and you’ll see a real difference.

Here are some other practical tips for helping you accomplish your goals:

  • Keep your list realistic.  A very long list will just feel overwhelming.  If you want, you can make a list on another page (or in another document) that’s for longer-range plans.  Keep this list to things you can realistically do today.
  • Prioritize your list and put anything you’re dreading at the top.  The sooner you get that done, the more accomplished you’ll feel and the more you’ll be able to relax for the rest of the day.  If you’re dreading something that has to happen later in the day, then:
  1. Go ahead and do anything you need to do to prepare for it.
  2. Stay busy until then.  Don’t let the dread of it hijack your day.
  • Include one thing you can accomplish in the area where you feel the most stuck.  Even a little step can help relieve thoughts like, “I’m not making any progress in my business” and “My house is totally out of control!”  Remember – make it doable today!  Instead of putting “clean office” on your list, you can put “spend 20 minutes cleaning my office”.  Even better – “spend 20 minutes creating space and beauty in my office”.
  • Include one thing you do for yourself that nurtures or nourishes you.  This could be exercise, a chat with a friend, reading, or eating a healthy meal.  Something that makes you feel better physically and/or emotionally.  Listing it as “give myself the gift of a healthy meal enjoyed outside” adds extra energy to it.

Spending a few minutes to make a detailed to-do list can go miles in making you more efficient.  Once a task is done and crossed off, you see what to do next.  This means you’re not wasting time figuring out each step as you go along and you keep sight of the big picture.

At the end of the day, appreciate yourself for all that you’ve accomplished.  Forgive yourself for anything you didn’t get done, and go back to appreciation and gratitude.

Let the feeling of accomplishment soak in.

You did it!  Great job!

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