Have You Been Decorpitated? Why it’s Important to Reconnect with Your Body

Your Body

Your Body

: the detachment of the body from the mind.
origins: a modern and original derivative of Latin by Sara Arey

Our energy lives in our body. I made up the word “decorpitate” to describe what happens when we stop living in our bodies and only live in our heads.

You’ve probably experienced this phenomenon. When we’re decorpitated, we live our lives as a mental exercise. The problem with that is that no amount of thinking or understanding can truly change things.

We so often think, “But I intellectually understand that!”

SA_Twitter_IconTweet: You may KNOW that you are an abundant being with infinite potential, but are you LIVING that way?

You may KNOW that you are strong and talented, but if someone followed you around for a day, would they be able to SEE that you know it?

When something’s just an understanding on a mental level, it’s not the visceral, “OH! I get it!” sensation that lives in the body.

Your Body Stores Information

Your brain isn’t the only place where memories and information are stored. Your body also contains living memories.

I had a client years ago who had a whooshing sound in her ears every day. She’d been to so many doctors – even the Mayo Clinic – and NO one could figure out what was happening. They’d done tests on her heart, her brain, her ears…to no avail.

In our session, we released her emotions and thoughts related to having far exceeded what her parents achieved financially. She was feeling guilty that they’d worked so hard and she had it so easy.

The whooshing disappeared.

Watching her go from being withdrawn and hunched to smiling and laughing in the space of 45 minutes still stands out in my memory.

Her husband wrote me a few weeks later to say that the she was still whoosh-free. And, by the way, she was in her 70s at the time.

Your Powerful Mind

Our minds are so powerful that when we expect something to happen, most often that’s what happens. When your body takes on these expectations as well, they become ten times as powerful.

Recently I listened to the audio book Goddesses Never Age by Christine Northrup. She cites a study that was conducted not too long ago, which discovered that a person’s view of aging makes more difference in how long they live than whether or not they smoke.

According to the study, you can add 7 years to your life simply by having a positive view of aging. Not smoking adds only 3 years to your life.

Imagine if you don’t smoke AND you think it’s okay to get older!

The mind is so powerful, and we can make such a difference in our lives simply by believing one thing or another, that it’s amazing our society doesn’t talk about this incredible tool more often.

Doesn’t it seem ethical to let people know that their thoughts are creating their reality in the same way that we believe it’s ethical to let people know that smoking will damage their lungs?

Choose Your Language Carefully… and Don’t Believe Everything You Think!

When we utter statements like, “Oh, I’m just getting old,” we’re reinforcing the belief that getting old means we become more frail and won’t function well.

Not only that, but reinforcing statements like that diminishes our experience of life as we’re living it! Even if it didn’t make a difference long term – which we KNOW it does – we would still be living better today by talking more positively to ourselves.

Don’t believe everything you think. When you notice thoughts like that come up, I invite you to examine them and decide whether or not they actually match the reality you want to create for yourself.

It’s also a wonderful opportunity to notice whether you have decorpitated yourself in the process!

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