Follow Your Bliss

by Andrea Hiltbrunner

People have the tendency to make everything really complicated. People are in their head. People think in a box. People are willing to suffer and to work hard. It is like we want to prove how hard we can work and how tough we can be.

When I was a Mime student in Paris, I went through a tough training schedule. Physically and emotionally. There was lots of pressure and many eliminations.

I made it until the end and was deeply grateful for this experience.
But there was also something inside of me that was broken.

I am a big believer that creativity, vulnerability, passion, love, commitment are all coming from a place of tenderness.
We do not need to become hard. We do not need to be prepared for tough situations to survive.
For me, it works the other way round.

We grow and we find our truth when it comes from a place of sharing.
A place of allowing.
We open our heart to the world.
We give.
Because we need to.
Because it feels lighter.
Because it is pure.

When we can allow ourselves to listen to our heart, to listen to the heartbeat and the whispers, we open our doors to our unique truth.
The heart never lies.
This never feels hard.

It feels soft and lovely. We feel in the flow.
I want to encourage you to allow yourself to follow your path – that path that makes you smile.

This is growth.

We do not need to hold on to something that feels hard. Embrace it and then let it go.
As a Dreamcoach, I always encourage people to unfold their dreams. There is so much beauty in this process.

You have the potential, the wisdom. You are loved, you are BEAUTY.
Focus on that! Open your heart! See with your heart!
There is a miracle waiting only for YOU!

Please share in the comments:
What can you allow more in your life ?
Which dreams want to unfold?
I SEE YOU, You are BeaUtiFul!


Andrea Hiltbrunner is the President & Founder of DreAm*heArt*sMart*Art where she helps and guides heart-centered women like to connect with their truth so that they can find their passion, mission and vision for their life. DreAm*heArt*sMart*Art offers Intuitive Dream Coaching & Dreambook Readings.  In just a matter of hours you can make big shifts in your personal and professional life. You can finally embrace your unique gifts and possibilities and claim your power.  To get a free copy of Andrea’s ebook, A Guide to Inspire you to Boldly Embrace the Braveheart Within, just click here.

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