Finding Your Safety

With all the events going on in Boston, plus what’s happening in other parts of the world, it’s easy for us to fixate on the violence.

To question where the world is going.

To feel like nowhere is safe any more.

To feel overwhelmed by it all.

To feel at the mercy of things beyond our – perhaps anyone’s – control.

Resist the temptation.

We live in an age of mass – mass transit, mass communication, mass thought, mass appeal, mass pain.

This is why our individual work is so very important.

What’s most important for us to do – today and every day – is to come back to our center.  To connect again with that peace and joy inside us.  To bring ourselves back to love.

When we can send our thoughts around the world with a click of a button, we need to be even more aware of and RESPONSIBLE FOR what we say.

Are we sending messages of love or fear?  Are we supporting what feels honorable and right to us, or undermining and trashing those we disagree with?  What are our jokes and our “likes” on Facebook saying?

What’s even more important is what we’re doing with our thoughts.  Are we sending OURSELVES messages of love or fear?  Are we supporting or undermining OURSELVES?

One of the gifts of these current events – and it’s important to see the gifts – is that we have to look again for our sense of safety.  It used to be that we could rely on outer structures – our city, our government, our religion, our family, our school – for our sense of safety and belonging.

When those things begin to shake or crumble, we have to look inside, and inside is the only place they really exist.

We may see signs outside of us of belonging, like communities where we feel welcome, seen and supported.  BUT UNTIL WE FEEL THAT INSIDE OURSELVES – until we welcome, accept and support OURSELVES – we can’t take it in from the outside.

Have you ever had the experience of loving someone who just couldn’t accept your love?  No matter how much you do, it’s never enough.  It’s like this person’s love tank has a hole in the bottom so that no matter how much you pour in, it’ll never fill to the top.

Do you ever feel like you’re that person?

You see, we don’t feel lovable until we love ourselves.

We don’t feel acceptable until we accept ourselves.

We don’t feel worthy until we value ourselves.

We don’t feel safe until we know beyond doubt that who we are, our true essence can never ever be hurt or threatened by anyone or anything.

Until we get that deeply– beyond something that we just think in our heads but don’t feel in our hearts – nothing can ever make us feel those things for more than a short time.

The great irony is that once we do that, we no longer need it to come from the outside.

And more ironic still – when we don’t NEED it, we accept it easily when it does come from the outside.

On rare occasions, someone encounters such tremendous, unselfish, unquenchable love coming from someone else that they can’t help it – they begin to believe, despite themselves, that they’re worth it.  Believing is the only way they can take it in.

So what can you do in these times of fear and uncertainty?

Reconnect to your center.  Work on letting go of all the things you aren’t – including your fears, your past and your limiting beliefs.

Stay grounded.  Stay loving.  Project your love to the masses.  The change in the world starts with you.

I’m starting Part 2 of the Clear Your Fears series soon.  In this series, we clear the way for more love, more joy and more peace in ourselves and our lives.  You’ll have my guidance and support.  You’ll have the support and input of the whole group.  And the great news is that the “work” is easy, incredibly effective and usually leaves everyone feeling more happy and peaceful than they would have thought possible.

If this speaks to you, join us.  You can read more about it here.  You do not need to have done Part 1 to join.

I wish you peace, joy and the deep knowledge that you are loved and lovable.

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  1. Hello Sara
    This article how to find your safety and to chose between fear and love was very beneficial to me. Thank you for just being there to help people just like me is indeed a great blessing. Keep up the good work you are doing for humanity and being a part of the solution and a willingness to be of the group of people who are EVOLVING and DEVELOPING SPIRITUALLY to be a group of folks who are CLEANING UP THE MESS.

    Rick Herranz

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      Thank you, Rick. I’m touched and pleased that you found this article helpful, and appreciate your good wishes.


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