Embracing What You Want is the Key to Clarity



It’s amazing how much people honor and respond to clarity. Have you ever noticed that when you pick up the phone to make a sales call and you feel confident people respond to you differently than if you picked up the phone with a feeling of uncertainty and self-doubt?

People look for clarity. They seek others who are sure of what they’re doing. If you have clarity in your life and in your business, people will be naturally drawn in toward you, and if you don’t have clarity, they will look for it elsewhere.

Clarity is Reassuring

Perhaps because we all want to feel sure of ourselves in our own lives, when we meet someone who has a crisp clarity about them, we find it very reassuring. It feels good when someone can tell you exactly what he or she wants.

In fact, clarity is one of the things that people most often say they want!

The funny thing is, each of us already has clarity. It’s there, but we often can’t see it because it is buried under so many fears and doubts and “worst-case scenarios.” We have so much gunk in the way that we cannot acknowledge what we know to be true for ourselves.

Often I’ll ask a client a question and she’ll say, “I don’t know.” I’ll respond by saying, “Well, if you did know, what would the answer be?” And then she’ll dig a little deeper, be a little more creative to connect with her inner sense of clarity, and come up with a profound answer.

It’s amazing how clear the response can be when I ask that second question.

So often we hesitate or obfuscate our clarity because we’re looking for the “right” answer. The other day I was working with a client who couldn’t make a decision. I said, “What do you want to know in this moment?” and she responded, “What the right answer is.”

But of course, there is no right answer. No one will come and give you permission to do what you want to do when you finally find the “right” answer.

This client already knew what she wanted to do but she was looking for someone’s permission to do it before she would actually admit what she wanted.

Fully Step into The Want

Sometimes we’re unwilling to admit what we actually want because we know that if we do, we’ll have to take ownership of it. If we own it, then we’re responsible for the outcome. It’s a way of playing the victim role – if someone else gave us permission and our endeavor fails, then we have someone other than our self to blame if it doesn’t work out.

On the flip side, if we’re successful, we don’t get to fully celebrate our wins because they aren’t fully ours.

And yes, it can be scary. But when you allow yourself to fully step into what it is that you want to create, as soon as you fully say yes to it and start working on the first actions, you will trigger a snowball effect that grows and grows. You may even find yourself struggling to keep up with the movement instead of having to force it to happen!

Tweet: When you allow yourself to fully step into what you want to create  you trigger a snowball effect that grows and grows.

But first you have to be willing to say, “Yes, this is what I want.” You have to be willing to own it, fully believe that it can happen and hold the vision for the future in your mind’s eye.

Does the idea of fully owning what you want feel frightening? Many people experience the same old fears and doubts every time something new and scary knocks on their door… and the good news is that is it possible to work through those emotional blocks.

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