Discovering your word of the year

Have you found a word for the year yet?  (See this article for more information on what a word of the year is.)

Choosing a word is a nice ritual to have at the beginning of the year, but no matter what time of year it is when you read this, you can still do it.

I have to tell you, though, it’s not always a simple process.  Sometimes I need to play around with a few words until one settles in as my word.  In choosing my word for this year, I’ve been playing around with embrace and expand.

I LOVE embracing – embracing what is and what’s possible.  I love the acceptance that comes with embracing, the closeness, the feeling of peace.

I also LOVE expanding beyond what I think is possible.  I love the feeling of bigness and openness that expanding gives me.

I was really happy with both of those words.  And that was the problem.  I’m already very comfortable with and conscious of both of them in my daily life.  And I’m no longer about being comfortable in my life.  My goal is to reach ever farther out and deeper in, going beyond where I’ve been before.

And the word that does that for me this year is EMBODY.

Embodying leadership as my business grows and expands in so many ways this year. 

Embodying presence with my clients, my family and myself in an even deeper way.

Embodying miracles and unreasonable results for my clients and myself.

Embodying in new ways the clarity, high vibrations and new resonances I find.

Embodying a more profound level of health and vitality as I care for myself in new ways.

Embodying to me also means taking action and even more fully living my life.

It you’re still settling on your word of the year, you’re not alone.  Honestly, I changed my word as I wrote this article because the other one I had didn’t resonate in my heart.

Here are my personal top three recommendations for finding your word:

  1. Play around with several words.  

    Try different words on.  It’s like getting to taste all the chocolates in the sampler box before you choose the one you want.

  2. Don’t try to get the RIGHT word. 

    Let go of any fears, shoulds and oughts around choosing your word.  This isn’t a test.  What feels good to you?  What lights you up?  Try letting your word pick YOU.

  3. Be creative with your process. 

    Sometimes the word will just pop into your mind and you KNOW it.  Other times, you might want to try something like on of the following.  Do these in a light, inquiring way with a sense of playfulness.
    Close your eyes and:

    1. visualize yourself writing your word and see what you write
    2. say, “If I knew what my word was, I’d know it was…” and see what comes to you
    3. visualize yourself opening a fortune cookie and seeing the word on the paper
    4. ask your heart to whisper your word to you
    5. just let your hand start writing and see what happens

Don’t try to force yourself to know your word.  Enjoy the process of discovering it.  You’ll know it when you’re ready to know it.  The most important thing is to choose a word that resonates with and has meaning for YOU.

What word speaks to you?

 Share your word of the year below and I’ll hold it in my intentions with you.


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  1. Hi Sara,

    Great article! I especially like the light-hearted approach to finding your word…non-striving and open-hearted. Thank you for sharing your insights.

    With appreciation,

    1. Post

      Thanks, Michelle! So glad you enjoyed it. Have you found a word of the year – or rather, has it found you?

  2. Hi Sara
    I have chosen Focus. It has been a bit scattered recently and now its time to bring it all together, just like the sun’s rays through a magnifying glass! Ooh! that just popped into my head and I love the analogy.


    1. Post

      Hi, Ann –

      I’m seeing you being radiantly focused with your inner light shining through. A focusing of your attention, your energy, your power.

      Happy New Year!

    1. Post

      Hi, Hilary –

      Savor is onomatopoetic, isn’t it? Savor… When I sit with it I feel all parts of me being called in to appreciate and participate. May you savor every moment of 2014, drinking them in and appreciating each for how and what it is.

      Happy 2014!

  3. Aloha Sara!
    I especially appreciate your decision to reach outside your comfort zone (rather than accept embrace or expand as your word of this year).
    My word? COURAGE! YEP, in capital letters! Courage to show up in even larger ways.
    So far this year, my husband and I moved to a new apartment and one of my biggest income galleries closed (already!). Needless to say COURAGE! is coming in handy already!
    Love your continued presence in my life!
    Aloha, Patrice

    1. Post

      Aloha, Patrice!

      COURAGE! I feel your courage radiating from here! And I see it especially in your recent paintings. I see you allowing your courage to radiate and flow, like the waves of the ocean.

      Knowing that the Universe is always contriving everything for our highest good and joy, I wonder what the gallery closing is creating an opportunity for. Please stay in touch and let me know what you create out of this, you courageous goddess, you!

      Blessings and aloha!

  4. Sara,

    Hello dear friend!

    First I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed watching your vocation and your business blossom. The messages you craft in your blog are deep and rich, and your writing is sharp and subtle all at the same time. Always generous and provocative.

    Second, this particular blog about the Word of the Year has especially resonated with me. It joins with other messages I have received from the Universe about living intentionally this year.

    The word that keeps coming up for me is “legacy”. As I return to this word through the year, I hope to be mindful of my impact on others and to understand what sentiments and reactions are in my wake.

    I hope it will be a year of learning how to be a better mother, wife, daughter, friend, and mentor.

    Blessings & Peace To You and Yours – Gina

    1. Post

      Gina! It’s great to hear from you! Thank you so much for your feedback.

      Legacy. Wow, what an interesting word. I love how it stretches both forward and back. I see you standing in the middle, allowing your love, wisdom and gifts to radiate in all directions, giving and receiving. Such a sense of strength and peace. And I hear your laughter!

      May your year be filled to overflowing with experiences of true connection and joy.

      Love to you and your beautiful family,

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