Create Your Own Upward Spiral of Success

Upward Spiral

Upward SpiralHaving a big goal in life is the perfect opportunity to do deep clearing work and facilitate profound healing in your life. And it just so happens that when you do the clearing work, you’ll often see yourself step into an upward spiral of success.

Whatever your goal may be, whether it’s giving a TED Talk, publishing a book that will land on the bestseller list or buying a new house, it’s inevitable that you’ll find yourself confronted by fears and blockages when you attempt to move forward.

Because whatever the project is, it’s not about the project. How you “are” with the project is how you “are” with everything else in your life, especially if you’re doing something very creative that comes from your heart.

Take the Opportunity to Clear Your “Stuff”

When we work on projects that are important to us, all our old issues float to the surface. Family dynamics, children, mothers, issues about abundance, feelings of overwhelm and discouragement – anything unresolved around that stuff will come up when you work on something that is dear to you.

I wrote recently about how our doubts and fears tend to separate us from our big dreams. We tend to place ourselves over here and our dreams over there with all our doubts and hesitation in between.

The stuff in between can be cleared when you start taking action. Once you sense your accomplishment, you’ll feel more confident in your action and want to do more.

Doing clearing sessions during this time will help you make the most progress, giving even more of a boost to your confidence. You’ll want to continue doing more, which creates an upward spiral.

SA_Twitter_IconTweet: We tend to place ourselves ‘over here’ and our dreams ‘over there’ with all our doubts and hesitation in between.

The other side of this coin is that when we feel guilty, we take less action. When we don’t take action, we feel bad about it and continue in a downward spiral. See how this works?

Get Support to Take the First Step

Sometimes taking that first step can feel like a challenge and we need support. It’s like the old saying, “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step.” But sometimes that first step can feel like jumping off a cliff.

This is where my work with clients comes in. Sometimes we’re so much in our own way that we need someone else to help us. We need support and we need guidance, which is why people choose to work with a coach.

In fact, all kinds of studies have shown that when somebody works with a coach, they are much more successful. This is because we don’t have the ability to see ourselves as clearly as others see us from an outside perspective.

It’s also because we need reminders that we’re not alone. When we become deeply entrenched in our “stuff” (which is something that happens to all of us from time to time, no matter how successful), we feel isolated. This is particularly true of entrepreneurs, who often find themselves sitting alone with a computer for much of the work day.

If you’re struggling to get out of the puddle of quicksand that self-doubt can be, I would love to talk to you. It’s possible that a bit of one-on-one support and encouragement will make a big difference in creating your upward spiral of success. Click HERE to connect with me today.

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