Create a Clearing in Your Physical and Energetic Space

In my previous post, Approach Your To-Do List with a Sense of Ease and Stillness, I talked about how important it is to create a clearing so stillness can come into your business. Today, let’s look a little more closely at the idea of creating a clearing.

When you are able to clear away the gunk and the mind clutter, what you will be left with is a sense of stillness and spaciousness: a clearing. From that comes clarity.

Clearing also creates an openness for receiving. You can’t receive when you’re full of gunk. There’s not space for what you want to create.

It’s not something you can force; it is something that you clear the way for and allow. Stillness is also where we find our creativity. And the clearing we create isn’t only an inner clearing, it is also reflected in our physical space.

Creating a Clearing After Vacation

51H8x07Fd7L._SX351_BO1,204,203,200_My family recently came back from a wonderful vacation. On the trip, my daughter read a book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which is a book about how profound it can be to remove the excess clutter from our lives.

She shared the book with me, and the next day we started cleaning out our house.

There is such interplay between the inside and the outside of ourselves. We have to get to a place emotionally that we’re okay with having empty space around us and we’re okay with letting go of physical objects.

When we’re ready to clear out our physical space, it is a sign that we’ve done a lot of inner clearing and we’re ready to step into spaciousness. As we clear our home or office, we can identify when what’s coming up inside us isn’t clear, and then we clear that… and then we see what else outside of us isn’t reflecting this new inner clarity and then we clear that.

Each augments the other and it can turn into a cycle of clarity.

Hiding in Plain Sight

It’s easy both in our homes and within ourselves to get so used to something – some sort of gunk – that we don’t notice it anymore.

It’s when we have somebody coming over for dinner that we look around our home with a fresh eye and say, “Oh my goodness! There’s a pile of stuff in the corner that I just have not been seeing.”

It’s the same way with our inner work. There are so many things that we don’t even see until something sparks our noticing: something we read, something we hear, a comment somebody makes. It could be more purposeful, like working through a program or working with a coach.

It’s when we begin to notice these things that we realize where we have been feeling uncomfortable… because part of you did notice the pile of clothes in the corner. And whether you were turning your head so you didn’t see it, or you were avoiding that part of the room, or even avoiding the room entirely, there was something in you that knew those clothes were there.

You knew they needed to be dealt with, and they probably felt uncomfortable and heavy.

This is why it can be so beneficial to work with someone who has an outsider’s perspective: that person can help you finally “see” the things you’ve been subconsciously avoiding.

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