Celebrating YOU!


As an entrepreneur, it’s so easy to get focused on how much you haven’t gotten done.  There are always a thousand things on your to-do list.  Your mind is filled with things like answering emails, taking care of money, finding new clients, creating content, doing what you do with clients – and it can get overwhelming pretty fast.

It’s easy to get something done and then just move on, but each accomplishment is worth celebrating.  Cleaning out your email inbox, writing 300 words on the talk you’re going to give, having that difficult conversation you were putting off, getting the one most important thing done today, serving a client really well – it all matters.

A big part of being a business owner is being a leader, and the ONE person you need to lead is YOU.  The responsibilities of a leader include recognizing and applauding accomplishments.  That means that you need to congratulate YOU.

Can you imagine working for a boss who only saw the stuff you HADN’T done and never said, “Good job”, even when you busted your ass?  Would you want to work for that person for long?  Me, either!

So celebrate YOU!  Congratulate YOU!  Tell yourself you did a good job.

Don’t worry.  This won’t make you conceited or spoiled.  I promise.  It WILL make you feel more empowered and happy, though.  It WILL give you momentum to keep going with all that you do.  That’s worth a lot!

I read somewhere that when you’re parenting, you should say five positive things for every negative comment or correction you give.  Do you do that with yourself?  Just imagine how would it feel if you did!

So today, right now, we’re celebrating YOU. 


Here’s what I’m celebrating about you:

  • You’ve been through tough times, maybe really tough times, and you’re still here.  You’re still plugging away at this.
  • You are conscientious and dedicated.
  • You care!
  • You really, really want to do a good job.
  • Even when you get distracted and discouraged, you come back and try again.
  • You’re out to make a difference in the world.
  • You’re reaching higher and deeper to be more in your life.
  • You, my friend, are up to big things, and you’re hanging in there through all the gunk that brings up.

Now it’s your turn to make your own list.  What have you done today or this week?  What challenges have you come through and what “aha”s have you had? Write them down.

If you feel like you haven’t accomplished ANYTHING, then look again.  There IS something.  Have you been honoring your need for rest?  Reading something that nourishes you?

Look at yourself and your life from the perspective of someone who ADORES you and see what you want to congratulate yourself for.

Now, celebrate!  Celebrate YOU.  Play your favorite music.  Do a happy dance.

You are wonderful and amazing!

I’m so glad you’re here!  I’m honored that you came here to read my blog.  I’m grateful that you’re living your life and sharing the unique beauty that you are with the world.

I am celebrating YOU.

A song called Congratulations, You Made it this Far keeps coming to mind.  It’s by the incredibly talented Deborah Henson-Conant and you can click here to listen to it.  Picture her singing it directly to you and take it in.

The chorus of the song says:

Congratulations, you made it this far.

Congratulations for everything you are.

When you feel like you’re nowhere, doing nothing,

To me you are a shining star.

Congratulations, you made it this far!


YOU are a shining star.  You.

I know there are times when you don’t feel like it.  I know how that can be.  And that doesn’t change the truth of it.

YOU are a shining star.

You are beautiful.  You are powerful.  You are MORE than good enough.

Just as you are right now.

I LOVE that in my work, I help people experience this for themselves.  It’s not a “nice thought” that we use to cover up the crap that’s there.  Not at all.  As we clear away the crap, it’s what comes up from underneath.  Because it’s the truth.

My clients get to have the experience of feeling and knowing that they are a power, that they are peace, that they are more than good enough.  That they can do what their heart is calling them to do.

It’s how I’ve seen them all along and who I know them to be.

It’s how I see YOU.  It’s who I KNOW you to be.

Whether you know it or not, whether you experience it or not, it’s true.  You are AMAZING.  And I’m happy to know it for you until you know it for yourself.

I celebrate YOU, exactly as you are in this moment.

Congratulations, you shining star.  You’ve made it this far.

What are you celebrating about who you are and what you’ve done?  Let me know in the comments below and I’ll celebrate it with you.

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