Are you there yet?

“Are we there yet?”  You don’t have to be a parent to be familiar with THAT question.  Chances are good you asked it of your own travel-weary parents.

After all, a journey can feel long and boring – something that we want to end quickly so we can get to the fun stuff.  Here is tedious.  Once we’re there, the good times start.

As adults, we may have a more realistic view of car rides, but this attitude of wanting to be there, wanting to arrive can seep into a lot of areas of our lives. 

How many times have you thought the following:

  • I want to succeed.
  • I want to feel happy and peaceful.
  • I want to be confident.

And don’t you, deep down, imagine getting to and staying there?

Can you be more successful, feel happier, more peaceful and more confident?  Absolutely!  In fact, that’s what I help my clients with all the time.

The problem comes in thinking that this is a permanent, from-now-until-forever state of being.  In thinking that you’ll finally get there and not have to deal with the other stuff any more.  In making that your goal.

That just isn’t realistic, and here’s why.

Life isn’t static.  Everything in our world is in a process of change, of expansion and contraction, of growth and deterioration. Movement and change are constant.

That’s true for us, too.  We’re always expanding or contracting.  Just like breathing.

You expand when you try something new, when you reach further with your business or deeper with your relationships.  When you allow yourself to shine brighter.

As you expand, you’ll bump up against old thoughts, beliefs and habits that once were protective and cocooning, but now become constrictive.  (As I tell clients, imagine putting on the comfy pajamas you wore as a child.  They wouldn’t be so comfy now.)

So the goal of “getting there” just isn’t achievable because there is no “there”, no arrival point where you’ll stay.  You’ll continue to grow – and to outgrow thoughts and ways of seeing yourself, your business and the world.

Does that feel overwhelming and heavy to you?  I get it if it does.  It used to feel that way to me.  The great news is that it doesn’t have to.

Even though you won’t arrive at the land of life-without-problems-or-fear (at least, not while you’re still living), there ARE things that can make this journey way easier and more fun. 

Lighten your load.

Letting go of the S.T.U.F.F. that you keep chafing against can make an incredible difference.  It’s like dragging a weight behind you all the time.  Letting go of that weight gives you more energy, confidence and peace.


Get fully aligned with your vision.

You know that inner conflict of part of you wanting to grow and do something new, and part of you wanting to stay comfortable and safe?  Resolving that conflict lets you move more easily toward your goals and feel more peaceful inside.


Change your relationship with fear.

We may know intellectually that fear is “just an emotion”, but it sure doesn’t feel that way.  Fear can feel big and overwhelming.  Definitely something to be avoided.  The most common responses to fear are to push it down and bury it, avoid whatever’s causing the fear, procrastinate and/or get overwhelmed. And it doesn’t have to be that way.  Developing a new relationship with fear can make a world of difference.


Increase your confidence and inner strength.

Of course, all the things I listed above can help with this.  There are also daily practices like a gratitude journal and setting intentions that can make a big difference here.  There are ways to make these even more powerful so that you see even bigger results.


All of these are ways in which I work with my clients.

If you’d like to increase your joy and ease of the journey – while also increasing your presence and productivity – click here to set up a complimentary Connection Call and we’ll see if we’re a good fit to work together.

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