Are You Living on Autopilot?

12393761_sA lot of my work is about helping people develop self-awareness. We think we know ourselves but so often what we know are just stories from the past.

We assume that our thoughts, our feelings and our experiences add up to who we are today. We think that who we are today is who we’ll be tomorrow or the next day.

There’s a kind of groove established – an automatic way of reacting to specific events.

So many of us are walking around like robots, focused on getting clients, making money, getting the website up, or sending those the emails out. We focus on who’s saying what to us or about us. When we’re this focused on what’s happening around us, we’re in reaction mode.

When we’re reacting, we can’t change our behavior.

Get Out of Reaction Mode By Tuning into Yourself

The goal is to become self-aware so that you can stop that automatic reaction before it happens and make a different choice. We can’t get there until we stop focusing on what’s happening around us and start listening to what’s going on inside of us.

That’s when we can begin to learn about who we are separate from our past, our thoughts and our emotions. We become centered. Instead of getting stuck in those automatic thoughts and emotions, we begin to see new possibilities – for ourselves and our situation.

So the next time you feel like going from A to B, maybe you’ll decide to go from A to Q.

Free Yourself from Hurt Feelings

One of my clients was having difficulty recently with a former employee. This was someone she’d been very close to and had known for a long time.

The employee had gone to work for a competitor and was giving her new boss a lot of information about programs my client had been developing.

My client was very hurt and angry about what was happening, but her reactions to this betrayal were so automatic that every time she saw her former employee around town or drove past the new workplace, she’d experience that same anger and hurt all over again.

Our work together was about helping her see that this other person was acting out of fear. Not just understand it mentally, but really get it deep down.

During the session, my client had a conversation with this woman. This was a conversation on an energetic or spiritual level, not actually speaking with her.

As my client spoke, there was no anger, no shaming. She was able to say, “I’m going to be fine whatever you do.” And she realized it was true! She also asked the woman to please stop what she was doing. And again had the deep sense that she would be fine either way.

She was able to make this request because she had developed the self-awareness necessary to know that her former employee’s actions said nothing about her.

I talked to my client a few weeks later and she happily reported that she had totally let go of that whole situation. She was at peace.

She didn’t know if the woman had stopped or not, and she didn’t really care. She got that the woman and her boss could never really take anything from her.

She knows that the people who choose to work with her, will do so because they know she’s the real thing.

They want her energy and alignment.

She knows on a cellular level that what she has gone through to create her business can never be replicated by anyone else.

This other woman hasn’t done the work. She hasn’t gone inward to find her own gifts and creativity so the program set-ups she’s stolen will never truly belong to her.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t learn from someone else. The important thing is to embody what you’re learning so that you’re presenting it with authenticity.

What is one small change you could make today to get yourself out of reaction mode? Leave a comment below.

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