Are You Feeling Powerless?


Working with entrepreneurs, I often help clients clear feelings of being powerless. The kind of thing that makes you hesitate before you make a decision, send an email or really promote a launch.  That gives you an underlying feeling of, “What’s the use?  It’s not going to make a difference anyway.”

When you’re feeling powerless, it’s also harder to celebrate your accomplishments.  When you’re powerless, successes come from luck or chance or someone else.  Why get excited about that?  I mean, it’s good and all, but it’s not your success.  Or so it’s easy to tell yourself.

The biggest thing about feeling powerless is that you’re not seeing your own magnificence.  You can’t be because if you were, you wouldn’t feel this way.  It’s a circle you keep running around in – you don’t see your magnificence, so you feel powerless.  When you feel powerless, you don’t see the evidence of how magnificent you are.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite.  You actually look for evidence to show that you were right.  Signs that show you weren’t powerful enough to do what you wanted to do or create the results you wanted.

But the truth is that feeling powerless can make you do things half-heartedly.  Like writing a pretty good sales page or sending out an okay warm letter.  Neither of them is compelling or really feels like YOU.  But it’s okay, you tell yourself.  It wouldn’t really make a difference anyway.  And you just don’t have the energy and focus to do more.

Then the lukewarm letters and fuzzy sales pages don’t get great results.

And you have evidence of your lack of power and ability to make a difference.

And so the spiral goes.

And every negative thing that happens launches your story about how powerless you are to change anything.  Your stories about what’s happened in the past and what’s likely to happen in the future.

Most often, feelings of powerless are rooted in the past.  Things like:

  • Growing up in a household where your opinions were never listened to.
  • Living with something that’s truly out of your control, like an alcoholic or angry parent.
  • Feeling helpless to stop something like verbal or physical abuse, being laid off or the death of a loved one.
  • Feeling like nothing you did truly mattered to anyone or changed anything in your life.

The great thing with the work I do is that we don’t have to know the origin of what’s going on.  Often people have an idea about it, and it’s totally okay if they don’t.  Whatever it is gets healed and released as part of the process.

What my clients often discover during their session is that they actually felt safe in their powerlessness.  If you’re powerless, you aren’t responsible for anything.  You can’t be blamed for anything and you don’t have to really try.

You might be afraid of how powerful you really are.  Afraid that claiming your power will mean that you have to make changes in your life that are hard or painful.  Afraid that you’ll have to actually deal with those things that you’ve been tolerating and do something about them.  Afraid you’ll have to step up and be accountable for your choices and how you spend your time.

Afraid of having to give up comforting distractions and indulgences, and actually take action.

I know how that is.  Really.  I’ve been there, too.

But I know a few other things, too.  I know that:


You’re committed to a purpose, something bigger than just being comfortable.

You’re someone who wants to excel in your business, to have meaningful relationships, to be loved and accepted for who you really are.

You want to connect with your own magnificence.

To do that, you have to expand.  To move out beyond the comfortable so that you discover new experiences and new truths about ourselves.


It’s easier than you might think.

 I have the great pleasure of working with a lot of people right now who are new to the process I use and to this type of work.  They’re surprised that they don’t have to dig into the past or to talk about all the crap from the past.  They’re amazed at how easy the whole thing is and what profound insights they have along the way.

They’re amazed at how calm, peaceful and happy they feel at the end.

They love coming to that still, quiet place of knowing.  Of connecting with their own magnificence.


Support and guidance can make an incredible difference.

When you’re in the midst of your stuff, it feels incredibly intense and REAL.  It feels like this is who you are and how life is and that it will never truly change.

Whenever I sit across from a client, I’m awed by their beauty and magnificence.  It’s just there and so obvious. My compassionate knowing this in every fiber of my being helps open the possibility of their seeing it for themselves.


If you were regularly in touch with your own magnificence and weren’t afraid, what would you be doing differently in your life right now?  Please share it with me in the comments section below and I’ll hold that vision with you.

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