Are you being tested?

I often hear people talk about how the Universe is “testing them.” They see a certain situation and assume that the Universe is putting up some kind of block or challenge to make their lives more difficult.

Today I’d like to explore what these “tests” actually are… hint: they’re not “tests” at all, but “opportunities.”

Crossing New Thresholds

15372868_sAs an entrepreneur, you’re continually growing, reaching new milestones and crossing new thresholds. When you make a statement like, “I’m going to focus on Type A clients because they’re a better fit for me,” the things that are in the way of that happening must come up. They have to make themselves present in your space in order to be cleared so you can take the next step.

My business coach often says that when you plant a seed and the seed starts to grow, the first thing you see coming up isn’t the plant. It’s the dirt being pushed out of the way. In the same way, when you’re getting ready to cross a new threshold, the junk has to come up first so you can clear the path.

Another thing that may happen is that as soon as you declare you want to work with Type A clients, you become inundated with Type B clients! Suddenly, three unexpected calls come in from Type B clients and you aren’t sure what to do.

Often people say that they’re being tested by the Universe to see if they’re really serious about their commitment.

This isn’t a test. You’re being given the opportunity to say “no” to the Type B clients and experience yourself as someone who only works with Type A clients. It’s not a test, it’s a gift.

Understanding vs. Experiencing

When situations like this come up, the Universe is giving you a chance to put your thoughts (“I want to work with Type A clients”) into real-life situations where you actually have the experience of saying “no” to Type B clients.

When this happens, you get to stand in the energy of the experience. There’s so much POWER in the practice of saying “no” when something isn’t the right fit anymore.

You get to stand in the space and have that experience so that the next time you are faced with a decision, you have even more conviction to say, “Oh, I remember how this is. It’s going to feel so good when I follow through with what’s right for me.

Change Your Mind

If you choose to see these situations as tests, you’re creating a scenario where there is a right and a wrong answer. You have created the possibility of failure. It feels difficult and it feels like drudgery.

You’re creating struggle.

When you can choose to see it as an opportunity, there is no right or wrong. It’s open. There’s no passing or failing, just the experience of whatever you choose.

Where can you reframe your thoughts to see a “test” as an opportunity? I would love to hear your ideas on this. Please leave a comment in the area below.

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  1. This is a great way to think of this, Sara. I often talk about ‘the breakdown before the breakthrough”. It does often seem like, right when we get clear about what we really want and intend for ourselves, that’s when things have a way of falling apart. I haven’t really said that it was a ‘test’, per se – but in reading your post, I realize that that is, in a way, how I think of it.

    So I love this. Thinking of this as an opportunity to STAND in your power, and EXPERIENCE your decision, is a wonderful – and, accurate – way to view that same phenomenon. You are so right.

    Thank you for a great post!

  2. Sara – Not sure how I found this particular blog today, but it was SO PERFECT for all that I am living through and experiencing right now. I LOVE the new thought of rather than looking at the Universe testing me, that I look at it as an opportunity. I even used this terminology that God was testing our family this past weekend. I was also at a bible study last week and the lesson was about being “tested” by God. The word test feels so limiting, b/c it feels so restricting. It is black and white. Using the word test does feel like it has a right or wrong flavor to it. If I did it the “right way”, then I passed Gods test, if I didn’t, then I failed his test. I have grown up trying to figure out what was right vs. wrong. My mom even said, God punishes people who don’t obey him and he gives you tests to see how faithful you are to him. She is scared for me that I am failing his test of obedience.

    As I reflect, is God really testing us? He loves us and wants us to grow into the best versions of ourselves. There is no rule book that outlines what a growth opportunity looks like. Some people grow from tragic experiences and others grow from motivational ones. It doesn’t mean one is right or wrong or better than the other They are all part of the journey. I love this new shift of verbiage in saying God is providing new opportunities for us to continue to grow and evolve in our lives. We will know in our hearts if it feels like we should say YES to an opportunity. The only constant is change and new opportunities are a way for us to grow and evolve,

    Changing my words to say God is providing an opportunity sounds so much better. I will learn from the experience and so will everyone else involved. We all have new opportunities to uplevel our lives.

    I do have to say that I am having a hard time with how to teach my kids this concept. I want to protect my children from harm. I don;t want my children to do drugs, smoke, bully other kids, cheat, steal etc… So how do you teach this concept of opportunity versus testing. If my child is offered drugs, how do you teach them to say NO, if there is no right or wrong?

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