Approach Your To-Do List with a Sense of Ease and Stillness

We often approach our businesses with a frenzied, frenetic energy, but when we find stillness within ourselves, people feel the difference and the business has room to blossom.Recently, a client said something that got me thinking about stillness. She mentioned, “some people don’t do enough, some people do too much, and both come from a sense of ‘not enough.’”

This month, as I prepare to launch my Shift into Action Group Program, I’m thinking a lot about the nature of action and stillness. So often we come at productivity and getting things done from a sense of lack; we feel like we aren’t enough and we don’t have enough.

So we’re doing things in order to show other people and to prove to ourselves that we are enough.

Anything for the Sale

We love to create long to-do lists. As business owners, we have big plans and projects; we want to reach more people, get more clients, put together a group program and go to networking events… it’s a lot!

All these things can be done with very different energies. Most often, we complete these tasks with a sense of “have to.” It feels an awful lot like struggling.

“I have to get more money. I have to get more clients, I have to figure out what I offer, I have to figure out how I serve people, I have to figure out what makes me different…”

All these “have to” tasks have a frenetic, pushing feeling to them. And people pick up on that.

To varying degrees, the “have to” energy starts to feel kind of like the stereotypical used car sales person, who will do “anything for the sale.”

You Are Already Enough

On the other hand, when you come to all that – all the to-do lists, all the goals and new ideas – from a place of abundance and knowing that you are already enough, that you already have enough, then there’s a sense of spaciousness, ease and integrity.

If you’re not just trying to “get,” and you’re coming from a place of giving, you’ll more easily be able to recognize when someone is not a good fit, and you’ll be able to do something about that.

You’ll make different choices. You’ll let go of the client who isn’t a good fit. But in order to be able to do that, you must have the inner sense that you truly are enough, and you have to trust that you will get what you need.

This can be a challenge because we have so many experiences from our past… and so much negative chatter in our heads… and so, so many things outside of ourselves (from television commercials to our parents’ words rattling in our heads) to our own sense of fear that tell us we’re not enough.

The message that, “this is an uncertain world” is everywhere. We’re told, “you can’t just simply trust that things will happen. There’s not enough for everybody so you have to be sure to ‘get yours.’”

Stillness is Not Just Sitting Quietly in a Chair

The trick to stillness is that it’s not just a matter of sitting quietly in a chair. Someone whose body is still may have a racing mind and a frenetic energy. Someone who’s taking a walk is moving their body, but they may have an inner stillness, a stillness of the mind and spirit.

And that’s the kind of stillness I’m talking about.

When you work on your to-do list with the energy of spaciousness and stillness, you will become infinitely more productive.

Are you ready to connect with your inner stillness? Next month, I’m offering the Shift into Action Group Program, which focuses specifically on how to cultivate stillness within yourself to find peace and create abundance in your business. Click HERE to learn more and sign up.

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