A High Tide Raises All Ships: Creating a Master Spirit for Business Growth

when i succeed you succeedLast week, I introduced the idea of a Master Spirit, which is similar to the concept of a Master Mind. A Master Spirit is what happens when a group of like-minded individuals come together with the intention of creating growth and healing for one another.

The group takes on an energy of its own, a new life – which I call the Master Spirit.

The Master Spirit works on the principle that we are all connected. When you succeed, it benefits me and when I succeed, it benefits you. This is because the world becomes a better place when people see success: the healthier, stronger, and more successful each individual is, the healthier, stronger and more successful the community becomes.

Let’s Talk Master Spirit Economics

Just for a moment, let’s talk about economics. In recent years, much of the world’s wealth has been concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer people. As each entrepreneur becomes more successful, this shifts and the whole economy benefits. It becomes healthier.

Absolutely, I want everybody in the Master Spirit group to succeed – including other coaches and healers. There’s room for everybody.

As entrepreneurs, we step into the role of a new, emerging middle class. I truly cannot imagine any reason NOT to help one another: the economy grows when people are interacting. If we’re all hermits, the economy stagnates.

It is through interaction that we grow, which is also mutual support. Why not raise the vibration of everyone?

When I guide my clients in energy clearings, they clear what’s “come up” for them – the crappy, gunky stuff. With the concept of the Master Spirit, if you bring to the group something that’s come up for you that I haven’t recognized in myself (but is there), it clears for me, too.

Plus, we make the intention upfront that we’re working on each other’s behalf. I’m helping you carry your load, and you’re helping me carry mine – and it feels lighter and easier for both of us as a result.

A High Tide Raises All Ships

Imagine, for a moment, being in a group of people. Imagine that one person in the group is angry or upset. How does it feel to picture that scenario?

Now, imagine that person suddenly goes from feeling upset to being happy and telling jokes. Notice how different YOU feel on the inside just picturing what’s happening.

Haven’t you ever been in a room where just one person’s mood and energy brings down the entire group?

At the other end of the spectrum, we’ve all seen how just one person can enter a room and raise the vibration of everyone. The person is just so happy that you can’t not smile.

These situations are an indication of energy. We all vibrate on different levels depending on how we’re feeling and what’s going on in our lives. The happier we are, the higher we vibrate, and the more positively we impact the people around us.

Energy is Important

Studies have found that each of our cells has a measurable vibration. As it turns out, cancer cells vibrate at a lower frequency than healthy cells! There have also been studies examining beliefs about aging: people who believe that aging is a positive thing (you become wiser and have more freedom) actually live an average of 7 years longer than people who see aging as a negative thing.

That means that a person’s beliefs – which determine their energetic vibration – have more impact on how long they live than smoking does (not smoking added only 3 years to the average lifespan).

Imagine being surrounded by people who felt good, who lead loving and expansive lives, and wanted the same for you? That is the idea of a Master Spirit group.

Do you resonate with the concept of a Master Spirit? In October, I’m offering a group class called The Shift Into Action Program. Together, we’re going to create a Master Spirit and look specifically at what beliefs have us stopped in our businesses. Would you like to join us? Click HERE to learn more and to sign up.



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