What’s a Group Series Like?

written by Sara Arey

Wonder what it’s like to be part of the incredible clearing of a group series?

No problem.  Here’s an inside look at one.

I led a series called Clearing Our Relationship with Money. The topic for one of our calls was guilt related to money.

Are you familiar with this?

You probably are if:

  • you charge less for your services or products than truly feels right to you
  • you avoid conversations about money
  • you avoid planning for money
  • you have a lot of thoughts with “should” about money


This is what I wrote to the group before our call:

Our next topic is guilt about money – having money, not having money, spending money, charging money to clients, asking for money.If you want, you can visualize being paid specific amounts. At what point do you become uncomfortable? What are the thoughts and feelings you have? What happens when you double the amount you were just picturing?

Your fears, limiting beliefs and stuff from the past limit your experiences because they close down possibilities in your life. 

Removing these blocks frees you to choose the experiences YOU want to have.

You’re more open to and at ease with the people in your life.

You’re just happier.

On the call, people shared what they wanted about what they had written down.   We call it “putting things into the pot”.  Here’s part of what was shared on the call.  You can always keep something private if you want and just put it into the pot silently.


You were saying, “me, too!” on some of that, weren’t you?

That’s the most common thing people tell me about being part of a group – that they relate so much with what other people say and how great it feels to EXPERIENCE that it’s not just them.  They aren’t alone.

After we shared what we wanted to, we did an energy clearing process called TAT® together.  Here are some of the reasons I like to use this particular technique with clients:

  • It’s very effective.  — I’m very discriminating and only want the best for my clients.
  • It’s very gentle. I’m not interested techniques where you have to remember or re-live the past.  If it wasn’t fun the first time around, why go there again?
  • It’s very private. — You don’t have to talk about stuff or share anything you want to keep private.
  • It’s very easy.


After the clearing (which took about 30 minutes), we shared whatever we wanted about our experiences during the clearing.


Sometimes people experience really big shifts, like the man who let go of the bullying from his childhood or the woman who released AND THANKED her addiction to food.

Sometimes people have that one elegant release that ripples and spreads, like the woman who saw and let go of the way she’d held herself responsible for OTHER people’s feelings about money.  (yeah, that was me)

Sometimes people come to a sense of peace about what they put into the pot and easily and freely make a different choice for themselves.  There were several examples of that.

Sometimes, people don’t realize how much has changed until days, maybe a couple of weeks later when they realize that they FEEL happier and freer.  They realize that they’re doing things that weren’t possible before – and it was so easy and natural that they almost didn’t notice!

What do people say after a session?

  • I feel lighter.
  • I feel so peaceful.
  • I feel so energized.
  • I feel so relaxed.
  • I feel so happy.

How do you think YOU would feel if you were able to let go of things like this?

How would your life be different?

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