What If There’s Nothing Wrong?

At the end of last week’s article (Perils of the Law of Attraction), I was talking about how every situation holds a treasure for us.

I’ve had some great follow-up conversations with clients and friends around that this week and wanted to share a little more about that with you.

You see, I truly believe that every situation is a gift.  I KNOW it doesn’t always feel that way.  Especially with the ones that are closest to home, involving family and close friends.  The ones that feel hard, scary and like they’ll never ever change.  The ones that leave you feeling angry and hurt.clear-your-stuff9a

When you’re caught up in your S.T.U.F.F., it can be so hard to see ANYTHING good in what’s going on.  It feels like the same old crap day after day.  Everything feels wrong and YOU feel wrong.

Clearing your energy releases your S.T.U.F.F. and frees you from that bind.

You’re more centered, so you’re able to see things from a new perspective.  You become more present and suddenly find opportunities where there were only dead-ends before.

The biggest difference is that you are OPEN to and can embrace possibilities where you were simply shut down before. 

Take a moment and think of a situation where you feel angry, hurt and/or really stuck.  How is your breathing?  What do you notice going on in your body?

Now, say to yourself, “What if this is an opportunity for something good for me?” Don’t try to figure out WHAT it’s an opportunity for, just sit with the POSSIBILITY that it is.

How does that feel?

How is your breathing?  Notice any differences in your body?

This could be a chance to:

  • get clear on what you want or don’t want
  • heal or release something
  • make a conscious decision about how you’re investing your money, energy and time – in your own growth or in staying stuck, in your health and vitality or in your stuckness
  • trust
  • experience yourself as someone who keeps at it and is persistent

Every situation is an opportunity to be loving and kind with yourself.

Can that be hard?  Sure!  Does it help to release your stuff around it?  I can’t tell you how much!

And one of the most important things to release is your judgment that there’s something wrong with what’s happening.

When you see a situation as wrong, you only see what’s wrong with it.  You only see the bad stuff, the stuff you want to change.

To go back to the Law of Attraction discussion, if you decide you’ve attracted the “wrong” thing – even if you try to do it lovingly and gently – it’s easy to go from “This is wrong” to “I am wrong” to “I’m always wrong.”

You also focus on getting it “right” and look to “next time” when things will be better.

Together, these can have you miss out on good stuff that’s right in front of you.  The treasure in the situation as it is.

Things like:

  • the new level of clarity you’ve gotten
  • the strength you showed in the way you handled the situation
  • the difference between how you were this time and other times
  • the deep sense you had that everything was going to be okay that hasn’t been there before

And you’re doing this without the “but”.

Compare the following and see how you feel when you read each one:

This wasn’t what I wanted, but I’m glad I got clearer. 

What a great chance for me to get clearer!  I’m really proud of myself.

The more you do this, the stronger you’ll get.  You’ll also get more present because you’re BEING WITH what’s going on rather than focusing on what went wrong and what might happen next time.

This gives you a sense of freedom and empowerment, and from that you can look to see what your next step is.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, so please feel free to share below.


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