About Sara

Does fear hold you back?  I’ve been there.

In fact, fear almost convinced me to walk away from a life-changing opportunity.

I was on the verge of playing small in my life, again.  But, this time, I made a different choice.

I had the tools and experience to get out of my old default pattern. I knew I could choose to do something different.

I could choose to step up and create something new in my life.

And that’s exactly what I did.

Now, I specialize in helping other business-owners do the same for themselves.

Let me explain:

I loved my job and being at the center of something great. After all, I had spent over seven years working side-by-side with Tapas Fleming, the founder of a revolutionary energy process called TAT® (Tapas Acupressure Technique®).

In those years I’d become her director of education, an expert practitioner and had helped Tapas expand the work and create an international certification program.

I loved working with Tapas, but the day had come for me to spread my wings and focus on expanding my own practice. 

I found a fabulous business mentor and invested in a live retreat with her. I got there ready to change it all – but after two days, I froze in a mini breakdown.

I was afraid. My mind was filling with thoughts like:

  • I can’t do this!
  • Who do I think I am?!
  • I don’t belong here! Everyone else is so much further along!
  • I have to start ALL OVER!
  • How can I have my own business? I don’t even know what to call it!
  • I’ll NEVER have a successful business!
  • I’ll never have real money!
  • Her program costs SO much!!  How can I possibly do this?!

Even though the mentorship being offered was exactly what I needed, the price was more than I’d EVER spent on myself.

I wanted to get out of there and crawl back to the safety of my comfort zone.

And suddenly I just couldn’t move. I couldn’t make a decision.  I couldn’t do anything.  I sat there completely stuck.

And here’s what saved me: 

The process I’d mastered with Tapas was all about breaking through exactly that kind of indecision and stuckness.  I’d helped thousands of people break through just this kind of indecision and paralyzed action.

I knew how to do this.

At our next break, I went back to my hotel room, sat myself down and used my training and tools to clear my energy of fears, self-doubts and what I believed was impossible.

I’d been doing this work for years for myself and others, clearing out all that stuff related to relationships and stuff that had happened in the past.

What I discovered that day was that being responsible for my own business, making all the decisions and dealing with all the money stuff by myself – all of that brought up a new level of fear and self-doubt.

And I saw that if I didn’t clear it, my business would be as stuck as I was.

As I worked, I saw my own wall of ‘ick’ – everything that was holding me back from actually taking action towards this incredible opportunity. No wonder I was stuck!

As I cleared my energy, I found that behind that wall of ick was a deep peace and calm. A strong, quiet power.

My power to act. My power to move.

I slept beautifully that night.

The next morning, I walked into the conference room and signed up for the year long mentoring program and put my life on a new trajectory.

That bold decision has been one of the best of my life.

I now work with many of the solo entrepreneurs who work with that same coach.  I help them put her strategies into action by helping them break through their own stuckness, just like I broke through my own.

I learned incredible skills from that mentor, but I knew the skills to make it possible for me to ACT on what I learned.

So many people today are turning to business coaches – we know we have so much to learn to bring our own unique skills into a new marketplace – yet putting that valuable coaching into ACTION can be so hard.  Not because we’re lazy – but because we’re stuck.

So many people think that working harder is the way to get unstuck.  They try to push the fears and negative thoughts down trying to get through and get ahead.

What they don’t know is how much easier it can be. 

They don’t know that the energy tied up in all that fear and negativity can be freed for them to use, and that when their blocks are released, their creativity and clarity can flow with ease.

They don’t know that their true power and peace is lying just behind that wall of ick, waiting for them.

And they don’t know what a difference it can make to have someone who’s been there guide them through, helping them to put strategies and plans into action.

We’re solo entrepreneurs learning to create and grow our businesses, to bring our skills to the people we can best serve.  We’re seeking to live our dreams and passions while being paid well and living an abundant life.  And we’re open to help and new ways of getting there.

That’s where my work comes in.  Here’s what my clients say to me:

  • “I feel complete, safe and calm.”
  • “How odd!  I both feel peaceful and really energized!”
  • “Things have shifted a lot since our call.  Today I got an inquiry for new work and 2 other projects made big strides.  Wow!  Finally things feel like they are opening up.”
  • “I feel joyful and positive!”
  • “I have a new sense of peace, power, confidence and ease.”
  • “I’ve never felt this BIG before!”

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