About Sara

Sara Arey is an author, speaker, and energy coach.Her work focuses on entrepreneurs and creatives, helping them to free themselves from limitations and fears in order to realize their full potential and be the leaders they were born to be.

As the president and founder of Refuture Your Life, her work with clients centers on teaching them to let go of seemingly insurmountable mindset blocks, habits, and negative self-talk. As they become free of these challenges that have held them back, Sara's clients find more success in areas where they were once stuck.

Sara teaches people tools and energy practices to create big shifts in their lives. Even more importantly, she listens with love and presence, and shares guidance based on her 30 years of experience and her highly tuned intuition.Her energy itself helps dissolve people’s barriers to receiving and expressing themselves.

Working with Sara allows clients to create new neural pathways, expand their auric field, and rewire the sympathetic nervous system. These shifts are truly life-changing and result in being more confident, creative and relaxed, and in feeling more loved and loving. Clients report that years after working with Sara they still experience the shifts that were made.

The foundation of Sara's work is her Refuturing Process™. Created after 30 years of studying energy as a certified Reiki Master and then a certified TAT® Trainer, Refuturing is both powerful and gentle. Sara has worked with clients from over 40 countries and leads online workshops and mentoring groups. Beginning in 2004, she spent eight years as the Education Director for TATLife® (a form of energy psychology). This was followed by 5 years as an associate coach for Uplevel You, where she helped business owners get out of their own way and actually implement the strategies they were learning.

One of Sara's greatest joys is supporting people to connect with their own inner wisdom, discover who they are in all their uniqueness, and live a life that’s fulfilling and fun.