Refuturing Your Life payment page

Hi – Looking to pay an installment on your Refuturing Your Life program?  Then you’re in the right place!

You’re giving yourself the gift of deep healings, support and guidance.  Not everyone is willing to claim their own value and take this stand for their own growth and empowerment.  You are, and that’s huge.

As you know, when you take a big step, stuff can sometimes come up.  So before you click on the button to pay, take a minute, do either the regular pose or the hands-on-heart pose, and just be present to whatever thoughts and feelings you’re having.  Whatever they are, it’s okay.  (If there’s anything you want to include in our next session, go ahead and make that intention.)

Now, say something like, “And I choose to do this for me.  I choose accept that I’m worthy of this, deserving of this.  I choose to accept this.  I’m grateful to be part of an abundant and generous Universe.”

And now smile as you click the button below.