Raising the Vibration of the Nation


I’m so glad you’ll be joining me for the call on Monday, November 7 at 1:00 Eastern.  (Click here to find what time that is where you are.)

If you can’t make it, a recording will be sent out. Joining through the recording will be equally effective, so don’t worry if the meeting time doesn’t work for you.

For the call, please have:

  • water to drink as we go through the call
  • tissues (just in case)
  • a quiet space

What to expect

We’ll start the call by letting all the gunk come up.  This is the fear, anger, hurt, confusion, etc. that you’ve been feeling anyway.  I’ll walk you through this process on the call and we’ll all be doing it together.

This isn’t about feeling it all or digging crap up.  This is a way of simply letting up the stuff that’s already there.  The stuff that you’ve been using a lot of energy trying NOT to feel and think.

Letting it come up releases it.

Once we do that, I’ll lead you to expand your energy, raise your vibration, and to do it on behalf of everyone involved in this election.

Feel free to share about the call with anyone you think will be interested.  Let’s make a HUGE wave of love and positive energy for the outcome that’s in the highest good of all.

This isn’t just about this election, but about everything that follows it, too.