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I need a little love
$49 / month
1 clearing call / month
membership in a closed Facebook group
weekly & monthly bonus calls
add on private call for $245 (normally $350)
10% discount on online programs
sign up for retreats before the public
Gimme more love!
$97 / month
“I need a little love!” program
1 coaching call / month
1 content call / month
exclusive Facebook group
add on private call for $210 (normally $350)
15% discount on online programs
second-to-know about in-person retreats
Gimme all your lovin'!
$297 / month
Everything in "I need a little love!"
Everything in "Gimme more love"
1 private call / month
limited number of spots at this level
25% discount on online programs
first dibs on spots at in-person retreats