Feeling loved is everything.

When you feel loved for who you are, as you are, you’re confident and know your worthiness. You stop looking for others’ approval, so you become more honest and real, both with yourself and everyone around you. You share your gifts more authentically, consistently, boldly and effectively, so you make a bigger difference.

You may already know intellectually that you’re lovable and loved – or not. You may know it to varying degrees in your heart and body. Imagine what it would be like to know it in every cell of your body, to have that as your starting point in each moment.

Love raises your vibration in ways that nothing else does, and your vibration determines what shows up in your life. The higher your vibration, the more joy, connection and abundance you experience.

Love is the essence of who you are.

When you’re connected to your love, you’re connected to your power.

The Feel the Love Program helps you know at deeper and deeper levels that you’re loved. It takes up where my The Universe F*cking Loves Me book leaves off.

In this series of 4 recordings, I guide you through actual processes and practices to clear away the S.T.U.F.F., shift your energy, and experience the love that already exists around and within you. Each recording focuses specifically on either your mind, heart, body or energy system. There’s also a recording of Refuturing Statements to expand your possibilities and open you more deeply to love. Each time you listen, you'll release more, leaving you feeling lighter and more at peace.

This work is done on a vibrational level.

Vibration is the most profound way of working. There is nothing solid in the Universe. Everything is energy vibrating at different speeds. Getting on an energetic level that you are lovable and loved can change your life.

Shortly before my book was published, I was leading a clearing for a mentoring group I’m a part of.  In introducing me, the leader shared that the title of my book is The Universe F*cking Loves Me.

We did the clearing and people had some profound shifts. One man, Mark, was actively participating, yet seemed to be the only one who hadn’t connected with something deep and transformative.

After the clearing, we were all still on the call talking and sharing when all of a sudden Mark said, “I just got the title of the book. The Universe fucking loves me.” Through tears, he added, “I haven’t felt loved in months, so thank you for that.” Something big began releasing and shifting for him. I led us all through some Refuturing Statements about being able to accept and feel the love of the Universe.

Later, Mark told me that after the call he’d checked his phone. At the same time he was experiencing that breakthrough, someone he’s close to texted him and asked if he was around. She came over and they ended up having a beautiful dinner together and spent hours talking and really connecting.

This type of synchronicity happens regularly after I’ve worked with someone. It can seem like a little thing from one perspective, when it’s actually huge. Mark was suddenly open to feeling and receiving love, and love showed up in the form of his friend.

These seemingly small experiences add up quickly, each one helping to integrate the sense of being loved. Really noticing and feeling grateful for them increases their power and builds momentum.

What will happen through this program is that more and more, you’ll experience being loved from the inside. You’ll go into conversations and situations already feeling loved and accepted. You’ll develop the confidence that comes from knowing your worthiness. You’ll have a smaller and smaller need for someone else’s approval. This allows you to be real, to ask for what you need and want, to share the truths, gifts, skills and love that you have to share. You become more attuned to the people and opportunities you want, so they naturally show up.

Just like Mark, you’ll experience synchronistic connections. You’ll hear a phrase in a song that gives you the answer to a problem you’ve been wrestling with. You’ll get an email inviting you to participate in just the thing you need, even if you hadn’t realized that you need it. You’ll find yourself sitting next to someone at an event, striking up a conversation and end up with a new client, friend or collaborator.

When you don’t feel lovable and loved:

  • You're angry, annoyed and feel disconnected a lot of the time.
  • Life feels hard.
  • You’re caught in power struggles.
  • You don’t have flow in your life.
  • You’re lonely.
  • You pay a lot of attention to what others are doing and often compare yourself to them.

When you do feel lovable and loved:

  • You have a relaxed smile most of the time.
  • You’re glad to be alive and regularly find joy in little things.
  • Your body’s relaxed.
  • You’re bold and willing to take chances and try new things.
  • You ask for what you need and want.
  • You’re connected with your inner wisdom.
  • You’re sharing your gifts with the world in a truthful, vulnerable way.
  • You have truly intimate relationships and deep connections with others.
  • You give others the space to be themselves.

This isn’t just about feeling the love of the Universe. It’s about connecting with your love, your essence and your power.

In this program, you get:

  • Recordings that take you through processes for releasing your S.T.U.F.F., and receiving and feeling more love in your:
    • mind
    • heart
    • body
    • chakras
  • Separate recordings of the Refuturing Statements that you can easily listen to again and again.
  • A guide illustrating specific energy poses used for releasing that augment the recordings and can be used any time.
  • A video showing energy practices that support your expansion and help raise your vibration.
  • All the recordings and materials are downloadable and yours to keep.

Purchasing the Program

The usual investment for this program is $147. Because this program addresses something so foundational and important, and because I want to live in a world where more and more people are feeling and expressing love, I’m offering it to you on a generosity basis. If you want this program and feel drawn to it, I want you to have it.

At the same time, I’m not giving it away for free. I honor the power and ability of this program to create real change. Plus, the energy of balance and exchange creates healthy, symbiotic relationships.

I also want to honor you, and support your commitment to your expansion and well-being. When you invest financially in something, you value it more. You take it more seriously and follow through on it. If you have one car that cost $1,000 and one that cost $45,000, which one do you take better care of?

Take a few minutes to sit with this. Not hours! Don’t agonize over this. You don’t have to come up with the “right” number. Go with what feels right for you and makes sense with your financial situation. If that’s $10, then it’s $10. If you have the resources and want to make sure you follow through, your number might be $300.

Enter the amount you're choosing to pay as the quantity.You’ll get immediate access to the program.

Feel the Love Program