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Are you stuck at a financial plateau — not seeming to move beyond a certain point?

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Do you have anxiety about paying bills, even when you have money in the bank?


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sara-headshotHi, I’m Sara Arey,

I’m founder of Refuture Your Life. I’ve been working with people’s energy since I first learned Reiki more than 25 years ago.

Over time, I’ve studied many different techniques and worked with (or trained) people in over 40 countries.

Most recently, I’ve spent almost 5 years working intensively with entrepreneurs and creatives who are out to make real, positive change in the world.

I help them dissolve their energetic blocks around finances, access their own power, and step into their authentic leadership. This lets them implement the strategies to take them to the next level (and that they’ve often been procrastinating).

Very often, new clients and opportunities “magically” show up once we’ve worked together to raise their personal abundance vibration. (This is because they’re now in harmony with what they want to create in their lives and businesses.)

Now, I’ve taken the information and approaches I’ve honed with these clients and created a program to walk you through the same practices so you can raise YOUR personal abundance vibration, too.

A great “side-effect” of raising your personal abundance vibration is that you also become more confident and gain more access to your personal power.

You do this by letting go of the thoughts, patterns and images of yourself that don’t serve you so that you’re free to be more YOURSELF in the world.

That’s what attracts money, wealth and authentic power.



You’re here and money is over there somewhere. Between you is a pipe. How big is the pipe? What is it made of? How hard and thick are its walls?

This pipe is your connection to money. Abundance and money come to you through this pipe.

Now, notice that there’s gunk on the inside of the pipe. The gunk is all the stories you have about money. The experiences you had as a child. All the stories your family has about money. Your money fears. The beliefs you have about money and what you can and can’t have and do.

Look at how much gunk there is! And it isn’t getting better! There’s hardly any room inside the pipe. The channel narrows and narrows so that not much is getting through.

And just as bad, YOU aren’t getting through either.

Your light, your gifts, your expertise, your radiance – they aren’t getting out into the world like they could.

What if you could clear out the gunk? What if you could even expand the pipe?

What if that were tools that made it easier to do?



When I first started working with Sara, I was not sure what Refuturing was or even if it worked, but I gave it a try.  Years later, I still do not know how it works, but it does!

Sara has helped heal emotional hurt that had been plaguing me for decades.  I no longer have the “victim” mentality. I am a stronger and more caring person.

When you’re in a place of limitations, Sara helps you envision what can be possible.  There have been so many times that the “goal” of my session with Sara was to just get rid of the hurt and no longer be angry, or worried, or upset.  It was Sara who provided me with the vision that I could be more than just “okay”– I could be truly happy.  Even if you doubt that Refuturing works, just being open to the idea of what is possible — the essence of the Refuturing Process itself — can change your life.  Sara has made me a better, happier version of myself.

My work with her has also been the catalyst for taking action towards more productivity and prosperity.  For four years, I had plans to sell my house, which was full of clutter, including clutter and old furniture from my extended family.  With Sara’s guidance and the support of our group, I was able to shred over 1800 lbs. of paper, fill a dumpster of trash, donate a full moving truck of items, and cleared over 40 bags of leaves and yard debris.  The clothing in my closet shrunk by a half.  I have released so much more than physical possessions; my heart and mind are lighter too.  It was joyful and an extra bonus to be able to share it with my group.  And, the listing agreement for my house sale is signed!

I can hardly wait for what Refuturing holds me next!
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Tisha Dodge
Dodge Legal Group, PC


Beginning on Oct. 4, I’ll be leading the Wealth School,
a 7-week program designed to help you clear away your money muck.

1.    Let’s Get This Straight – Your current relationship with money
2.    Money Muck 1 – “In My Day…” Mining your past and uncovering money patterns (clearing childhood and family patterns around money)
3.    Money Muck 2 – “You Know What They Say…” Identifying your money thought archives
4.    Money Muck 3 – “But What If…” Letting go of money fears that hold you back
5.    Bring It – Opening to more and letting money in (and your self-expression out!)
6.    Elevating Your Personal Abundance Vibration – Falling in love with money
7.    Money Loves – Establishing a core set of money habits to promote abundance

•    7 clearing calls using the Refuturing Process to support you in embracing new possibilities for your abundance and your relationship with money. (Calls will be at 1pm ET, Tuesdays beginning Oct. 4. They WILL be recorded in case you can’t be there live.)
•    6 teaching modules
•    Daily emails to Boost your Abundance Vibe

One Payment of $797


2 Payments of $427

Bonus 1 – Energy Movements Made Easy Video – This is a recording of a call I led that will give you 3 quick energy movements that you can use any time and anywhere you want to boost your energy and focus your attention.

Bonus 2 – Seed the Year – This is a call we’ll have in early January to seed abundance in the new year.

Wealth School isn’t for you if:

•    You want change, but you’re not willing TO change.
•    You’re committed to your own stories and staying stuck in them.
•    You want to keep blaming the economy for your current problems.
•    You’re not willing to invest time and energy in your own healing and growth.

Wealth School IS for you if:

•    You’re ready for real, lasting changes in your life.
•    You want your personal abundance vibration aligned with where you’re going instead of where you’ve been.
•    You feel scared and nervous, and want change anyway.
•    You’re willing to invest some time and energy into clearing your money muck and experiencing the joy of flow.
•    You want the freedom of being responsible for your own energy around money.



I first signed up with Sara because I wanted help with my business. I wasn’t achieving the succces I knew I was capable of. The refuturing technique is so simple but powerful. After the first few sessions, I began to feel lighter, more confident in my own skin. I started to feel feelings ofhappiness I honestly hadn’t felt since I was a child.

It is like you unload heavy weights you have been carrying around for years, thoughts and feelings that are not serving you, making way for feelings of love and acceptance.

I have quadrupled my income since working with Sara. But what I love the most is that I have tools now for when I do go into fear mode or I am dealing with something stressful in life or my business, I use the techniques Sara teaches and I can instantly calm myself or bring myself back from going to that dark place I used to go when things got too intense.

During the last Money School Course I had wanted to manifest $10,000 extra dollars by the end of the year. This seemed like a big goal at that time. It was just a couple months away and I had no idea how I would make this happen. Instead of pushing, I allowed the unfolding. The coolest thing happen, my husband and I were gifted exactly $10,000 for the holidays from a generous family member. I was blown away. The universe wants to bring us what we want and need, it is up to us to be open to receiving by clearing our own mental gunk that might be in the way.

The best part of working with Sara is the self love I have now. It gives me confidence in all parts of my life. And now instead of stuffing all my feelings, I allow them and with the techiques Sara has taught me, I also release them. SA close quote

Lissa Sandler
Online Marketing Strategist and Brand Specialist


Sara Arey has an amazing gift.

I’m more comfortable helping than being helped, so it’s hard for me sometimes to settle in to the work with Sara.

And yet, with her gentle – but clear – guidance, she helps me tap into wisdom and strengths that I don’t even know are there. When she pulls it all together at the end, I realign with my true self in ways that always, always surprise me. There are often tears, mostly of relief and release. 🙂

Every time we talk, I come away feeling stronger and clearer about what I want to do, how I want to show up in my business, and what I bring to the table for my own clients. That in turn has helped me be even more effective as a business coach and mentor.

If you want to own your worth, tap into your highest self, and build a successful business, talk to Sara.

She’ll help you clear the path to do just that. 🙂SA close quote

Wendy Pitts Reeves
Love your business. Love your life.©


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This past November I became a published author. Sara was instrumental in making that a reality. See, I had been a marriage and family therapist for 20 years. I had a lot to say but I didn’t have experience as a writer.

My biggest obstacles to writing a book were internal. When I started my rough draft I would be so anxious that I would just stare at the screen. It would take me hours to write one paragraph. I was full of self-doubt. I was scared to put myself out there. I was scared of judgement. I was scared of what could happen to my teenage daughter.

But then I knew I was called and that I had a mission. I knew that I was to help moms of teenage daughters in a big way. I had years of experience helping moms transform their relationship with their daughters.

So there in front of my computer I had one metaphorical foot on the break and the other on the gas pedal…and I wasn’t getting anywhere with my book.

Sara helped me move past my fears…but it was deeper than that. Wherever I had stored those fears in my body energetically dissipated. Session after session we addressed the fears. Each time we did I felt a major wall come down and a space open up in me. I was shocked at how some of these feelings that I’ve carried for a very long time were gone.

And wow did that free up my writing!  Everything in my mind, heart and soul just flowed onto the paper. The agent appeared. The published appeared. And now I’ve been speaking on the radio all over the country.SA close quote

Author of Dial Down the Drama: Reducing Conflict and Reconnecting with Your Teenage Daughter—A Guide for Mother’s Everywhere