Open to Receive

An intimate mentoring group for women who want
transformation in their businesses and lives.

Do you want to enjoy your business and your life, and to live with greater ease and vibrancy?

Do you have a deep yearning to cultivate your intuition, ability to receive, and gifts of the feminine?

Are you tired of battling yourself and getting in your way? Want to stop trying to fix yourself and begin embracing that who you are now is your power and gift?

Are you excited by the prospect of finding what’s causing disharmony and stress in your life and business, releasing the energy that’s been tied up there, and using it to power your dreams instead?

Dear Sweet Woman,

I’ve been having many conversations with my past clients, friends and colleagues, other female entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives, like you...and something breaks my heart about what I hear them saying.

Over and over, I hear that these women are doing so much in their lives. They're busy in their businesses. They're working on many projects and programs. They're creating valuable offerings.

They're marketing. They're selling.

And they're busy being there for all the people they love.  They're being a mom to their beautiful children. They're taking care of their husband’s ailing mother.

They're giving… giving… giving.

And with all that they're doing and giving, they're still worried about money.

And it’s not for lack of trying.  And it’s not for lack of contribution.

And this breaks my heart.  

Because I see their passion, their commitment, their good intentions.

And I see their exhaustion and their stress.  

And I see them running in ever tightening circles, that leave them feeling lonely, scared and depleted.

And I know that it doesn’t have to be that way.  

They aren’t doing anything wrong. They’re doing their best.  There’s just a piece that they’re missing.  And I see it very clearly.

They don’t understand the secret to having money becoming a non-issue in their lives, something that supports them rather than worries them.

And it’s quite simple, but profound.

The Missing Piece   

If you’re anything like the above description and you’re busy doing and giving, the missing piece might be a little bit annoying to hear about.  It might sound like something easy to dismiss as spiritual fluff.  

But, damn, it works.

When you understand this, money can be like oxygen. You’ll relax and breathe, and receive all that you need with trust.    

What gets in the way is being in our heads, trying to figure it out and not trusting.  

The Universe Loves you!

The Universe does not need you to work hard. It doesn’t need you to struggle.  The Universe is conspiring in all ways at all time for your greatest good.

The only barrier to receiving fully all of the good that this loving Universe wants to give you is your own barriers to receiving.

Even in our times that feel like struggle, the Universe is striving to help us expand. When we focus on the struggle itself, we miss the boat. And we’ve missed the opportunity to expand into more.  

And once we do expand in the way that the Universe is asking us to, we’ll always experience an easing up of the challenging conditions.  

Receiving abundance requires openness.

The more we relax, and tune into our deeper selves and work in alignment with who we naturally are, the more open we become.

At this point we're both receiving and expressing more effortlessly and more abundantly.

In other words, receiving abundantly all the good that is meant for you (including money, love, and all the practical, material things of life) is not at all about what you do and how much you give.

But rather, how much you are able to open up to the depths of who you really are, and to allow that to express itself fully.

It starts with a Yin state, then naturally moves into a Yang state.

And yet, this runs counter to everything that we have been taught and conditioned to believe about how money and security will come to us.  

We have been wired, from very early childhood, to understand that we need to work for money and that money comes in relationship to doing...and certainly not in relationship to being ourselves.

The real key to this is opening to and accepting all of who you are, including your thoughts, feelings, past -- all of it.

It’s great to learn about the Law of Attraction, to clear your limiting beliefs about money and to heal the stuff from your past.

These are things that I also work with...but I go beyond them.  And here’s why.

In working with hundreds of female entrepreneurs over the past decade, there’s something that I have discovered about myself and my unique gift to others.  

I BLAST PEOPLE OPEN., in a big way.

I’d been holding this gift back most of my life, because it scared me.  But, over time, I've grown to understand what it is, how it works, how to use it, when to use it and with whom.  

Understanding this gift is the reason why I have chosen to leave my former work and devote myself wholly to the expression of this gift in its fullest. Because I know that to dim it down makes no sense and doesn’t serve.

I’ve learned to be respectful of others and to understand that not everyone is ready to blast open their ability to receive an abundance of love.  It’s possibly the scariest thing that a person can do.

Love is terrifying.

I know because I am a force of love who has been trying to pretend that I’m not for most of my life.  And that when I’m working with clients and I fully allow my gift, I watch them shatter.

They break.

All of their barriers to receiving come crashing down.  They can’t hold up the facade and the walls any longer.  

It’s an incredibly powerful and life-changing thing to witness.  

When put in intimate contact with me and my gift of dissolving barriers to receive, over a period of time, people experience a dramatic shift…

A shift in their ability:

  • to give and receive love
  • to fully BE who they are and express themselves
  • to receive financial abundance and genuinely feel supported by the universe without worry
  • to relax and feel open
  • to move through the world in line with their feminine essence
  • to release the old notions of money-making through a masculine, doing-oriented paradigm

They're softer, lighter and more carefree.

They giggle more.  They hug more. They play.

They're happier.

They are themselves.

Sara helps me stay focused, clear, and vibrant, through some of the most daunting obstacles.  With her coaching, I am able to stay connected to my passion and have a fun time with the process! 

For me, the benefits of working with Sara are that I get to see my dreams come true with grounded and joyful precision.

Lisa Volk
Founder and producer

The Open to Receive Mentoring Circle

Over the next 6 months, I'll work with a small handful of Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Creatives to completely dissolve their barriers to receiving abundance in all forms, and to expand into the fullest and deepest expression of themselves.  

It’s called the Open to Receive Mentorship Circle.

Here’s the nutshell: The Open to Receive Mentorship Circle is simple. We meet twice a month on Zoom (easy-to-use video conferencing) for intimate, transformative group coaching sessions and once a month for a group clearing.

It includes access to my content from previous programs that is relevant to what you're going through or working on. In between sessions, you'll be integrating your inner transformation and implementing what we work on together.

You can access me for quick feedback, celebrations and connection using a Quick Access Hotline between sessions. This is using Voxer, an app on your phone that allows us to send walkie talkie messages back and forth.

You’ll also get 2 one-on-one sessions to use over the 6 months when you need them.

In short, the main deal is that you'll be working closely with me for 6 months or more, which, history has shown, has a highly transformative, flow-inducing effect on people.

You'll be having transformations each month (and often on each call), and also giving yourself time to fully integrate them and go even more deeply.

A key piece of the work we'll be doing together is developing a system of practices that you'll do every day to support you in showing up as the person you truly are, rather than your stories, fears and past.

The Open to Receive Mentorship Circle is for you if:

  • You feel that your life is meant to be lived in devotion to something greater than that which just benefits you personally.
  • You want to be in a safe, close group that allows you to flourish. You want to be in a group that deeply wants the best FOR and FROM you.
  • You’re open to exploring a new approach to living involving taking cues from life itself about where to go and what to do next, so that everything you do is not only informed by what you want, but by what Life wants from you.
  • You’re not only willing, but enthusiastic, to see what is causing disharmony and chaos in your life and business. You understand that while it may be temporarily uncomfortable, the truth sets you free. You understand that it’s possible to harness the energy that’s been invested in what doesn't work and channel it into powering your dreams instead.
  • You’re determined. You’re committed to taking action and implementing what you're learning right away.
  • You’re open to the idea that symptoms presenting themselves in the physical body such as pain, discomfort and illness are linked to mental and emotional patterns...and that mental and emotional patterns can be un-done.
  • You have a great sense of humor and enjoy laughing frequently!
  • You love the idea of working intimately with me and want more of the magic that happens when we’re together. It makes you feel giggly, giddy and excited.
  • You’re prepared for significant changes and inner transformation. (I've been doing this long enough to know that this is the likely outcome of our work together.)

Sara is a truly gifted guide. With her help, I experienced a miraculous level of healing and growth. In just 4 sessions, I was able to access and release the subconscious programming which sabotaged my success in business and life.

I entered each session thinking I knew what I needed to work on. Within minutes, with Sara’s guidance and the ‘magic’ she wields, I connected to the real ‘hidden’ issue which had been causing me problems. 45 minutes later the problem was gone, and I had better access to my authentic being.

I can’t recommend Sara highly enough. She has helped me foster the mindset needed to run a successful business and a successful life. If you want to be the best you can be, working with Sara is integral.

Paula Boylan
Sage Teacher of actualizing life purpose

What You Get in the Open to Receive Mentoring Circle

#1 - Group Coaching Calls – 2/month, 60-90 min.

Each month we'll meet on Zoom for intimate group coaching.  These calls will last 60-90 minutes.

I never know where these calls will go because I follow the energy of the group and the guidance I'm receiving.

I'll share the insights that come from my intuition and 25+ years working with energy. I'll share what I've gleaned from having studied modalities ranging from Reiki to TAT® to chakra meditations.

Most importantly, I'll share my presence, energy, and blasting love.

All of this is in service of your being the highest version of you possible, so I'll also support you in discovering your own answers, enhancing your intuition, and trusting yourself.

I'll also share some information and exercises to help you get to know yourself better and own your unique gifts and self

Not only will you get help with your specific situation, but you'll also benefit from hearing the discussion of everyone else's questions.

This is a safe container for you to explore, express and expand who you are.

#2 - Group Clearing Calls – 1/month, 60 min.

Each month we'll meet on Zoom for a group clearing call. During the clearing itself, we'll turn the cameras off to facilitate your inner connection and awareness.

I'll include an aspect of the feminine that enhances what the group is experiencing, along with the corresponding masculine trait. We'll focus on embodying these traits, not just understanding them intellectually. 

When it serves the group, I'll also include energy exercises and physical movements.

#3 - Individual Clarity Intensives – 4 sessions, 90-120 min.

You’ll have a total of 4 Clarity Intensives, lasting 1½ - 2 hours each. You can schedule these as you need and want them.

Far more than just coaching calls, these are deep, transformational sessions. Together we’ll go wherever your energy, needs and blocks lead us, doing what's needed to help you connect more deeply with your thoughts, feelings and profound truths.

We may work with your mind, your child self, or parts of you that have felt isolated and rejected. I might have you move your body to access unresolved emotions and experiences that are being stored there. 

I’ll also bring all the tools and insights I’ve gained from over 25 years of working with energy and mindset.

Whatever we do, on every call, I’ll be there with my full presence, energy and love. 

Creating a set of practices for you to do on a daily basis that will keep your confidence lifted, your body healthy and your mind clear will be another area we focus on. If you already have such practices, we’ll review them and make sure they’re fully supporting you.

The group will help hold you accountable so that on those days when the “I can’ts” or “I don’t wannas” are strong, you’ll still find the motivation to keep taking care of yourself and stay aligned with your bigger vision.

If you've worked with me before, you know the transformation that can happen on these calls. Plus, I'll make a recording of a Refuturing Process just for you, tailored to you and your experiences.

#4 - Access to materials and recordings from my vault

In joining this mentoring circle, you'll get access what I've created in other programs. This includes the popular Wealth School, Vibe with Your Vision, Shift into Action and Embody You.

I'm always creating. It's just who I am and I can't not do it. And I love to share. This group will have access to some of my newest tools, recordings and other goodies.

#5 - Chakra Meditations and Refuturing Process recordings

While I've done meditations for years, I've spent the last 2 years working closely with a dear friend specifically on chakra meditations. It's been a transformative experience, particularly in balancing our masculine and feminine energies.

I'll create a new chakra meditation each month to support your integration of the feminine and masculine qualities we're focusing on for that time. The people I've shared it with so far have loved it, and I'm excited to be able to offer it to you.

In addition, I'll record a new Refuturing Process each month as part of our Clearing Call.

From my experience, these 2 recordings will become a vital, grounding and energizing part of your daily practice.

#6 - Facebook Group

We'll have a private Facebook group just for the mentoring circle. You'll be free to share whatever you'd like and to receive support, cheers and ideas from me and the rest of the group.

Feedback I consistently get from clients and groups I lead is that I create a safe, expansive space where you can discover yourself. This will be true of the space of the Facebook group as well.

#7 - Group Energy and a Support Buddy

If you've ever been in a Mastermind group, you know that group energy is a real thing. A group consciousness actually evolves.

When a group focuses together for the greatest evolution of all, the power, healing and releasing are amplified. 

We'll increase this effect on both clearing and coaching calls by intentionally building the group's resonance, connection and collective energy.

It'll just get better and better!

Plus, you'll get a support buddy for additional support, sharing and attention. This isn't required, and I do recommend it. I'll share some paired practices that are both fun and deepening for our work together.

The Investment for the Open to Receive Mentorship Circle

The investment to join the 6-month
Open to Receive Mentorship Circle is $2997
(or $597 monthly installments).

The program begins Feb 1 and is limited to 8 people.  

If you want to be more at peace in yourself, show up in your life in a more authentic way, and welcome in more abundance, come join me and open to receive.