Embody You Playshop

How to Show Up as
More of Who You Are

Sat, Apr 14, 10:00-12:00
Atlanta, GA

Expand your comfort zone
Embrace your feminine energy
Embody more of the fullness of who you are

I want to embody more of me!

Are there things you need to do to move forward and you're just not doing them?

Do you long for changes in your life, but feel blocked or scared to do it?

Do you hold yourself back?

Comfort zones feel so safe. They give you a place to rest and relax, to easily express yourself and be yourself.

Working inside your comfort zone means that you're using your strengths and gifts, doing what you know, and that you'll be accepted by others.

Or does it?

The problem with comfort zones is that they're seductive. They're like warm, comforting water that, without your realizing it, slowly turn to gel and hold you in one spot.

Comfort is based on the past, on the familiar. Your comfort zone is what's worked for you over time, at least pretty well, and has gotten you where you are now. That's not wrong or bad. It served who you were and where you were.

If you want tomorrow to be just like yesterday, keep doing what's comfortable.

If you want tomorrow to reflect a more expanded version of who you are, your work today is to take a step outside your comfort zone.

Choose being authentic and real over comfortable and "perfect". Let go of who you think you are in order to discover who you can be.

Your work today is to do something uncomfortable. Your opportunity today is to get help and support doing it.

I'll take you there.

On Sat, Apr 14 from 10-12, I'll lead you through a powerful exploration beyond your comfort zone, with guidance, support, fun, awareness and ... chair dancing!

And the best news? As soon as you register, you get access to materials to get started shifting your energy right away.

Chair dancing!!!

In our society, computers, phones, books and work engage our minds, but rarely take us into our bodies. Even religion and spirituality can be very mind-centered. The mind has become an over-exercised muscle. It's powerful and vital, and it's only a portion of who we are.

True belief and knowing is rooted in our experience, and experience happens in our bodies.

Would you take a free webinar promising to teach you that ice is cold? No, because you know it in a deep, unquestioning way. You know it in your body.

Our bodies have stored our emotions and experiences, the positive and the negative. Doing physical movements, like chair dancing, that take us out of our comfort zones and into our bodies gives us new access to ourselves and our power.

Doing these things with presence, awareness and guidance makes them exponentially more expansive and powerful in ways that nothing else does.

When you're in your body, you have more access to your intuition, creativity, peacefulness and calm.  You become more grounded, centered and aligned with your true self.

You have a greater ability to receive and BE.

It’s time to reclaim the energy of embodiment.

An important part of that is becoming more integrated with your body. Using easy chair dancing moves, I'll show you how to get more into your body, and how to own and express your sexiness and sensuality in ways that feel safe, good and right for you. I'll also guide you in releasing the negative mind chatter and emotions that often come up as we move more into our bodies.

So here’s the deal.

On Sat, Apr 14, I’m leading a playshop called Embody You - How to Show Up as More of Who You Are. In it, I’ll guide you:

  • To do energy exercises to get more grounded in your body
  • To release fears, negative chatter in your head, and the gunk that’s in the way of your being connected with your body
  • To expand through a Refuturing Process
  • To connect with your body more deeply, embrace your feminine energy and express more of YOU through chair dancing

Now, take a deep breath and let me tell you what this is NOT about.

  • This is not about performance. 
  • This is not about having the perfect body. This is about being YOURSELF in YOUR body, just as you are.
  • This is not about taking on anyone else’s (including my) ideas of how you should embody your feminine energy. I’ll show you some moves and you make them yours. Move your body in the ways that feel good to you.
  • This is not about being GOOD at chair dancing. You don’t need any athletic skill, flexibility or even rhythm.
  • This is not about getting better. There’s nothing wrong with how you are now.

This is about having fun, trying something new, and expanding your comfort zone. It’s about being more of who you already are.

All you need is:

  • comfortable clothes that allow you to move
  • a water bottle
  • a willingness to try something new

What others are saying about Embody You

My experience of this workshop was one of joy. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed moving my body. 

I spend altogether too much time in my head. The playshop softened my attitude towards my body and helped me reconnect me with it. I feel kinder towards my body now, more compassionate, and more grateful to it.

I have been telling myself a story for a long time about how I can't do precision work...because I'm too clumsy, my eyesight isn't good enough, my hand-eye co-ordination isn't good enough… Then this week after the playshop, I took time away from my regular work to test out and improve my ability to work with greater accuracy and precision in my silversmithing! 

I set myself the task of making something that requires accuracy to within 0.1 millimetres. That's pretty small! Instead of feeling frustration and impatience with my body, I felt a greater amount of trust and gratitude towards it. I successfully made a little box clasp and showed it off in video on FB!

I'm so grateful that Sara put on this playshop! I'm going to treat myself to some time with the recording this weekend.

~Mary Duggan



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